Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a few more hours...

Since the hospital here in Norfolk doesn't have wireless, I thought I'd give a quick update before I go to bed.

We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am. So, we drove down tonight and are staying at my friend Melissa's for the night. She will keep Murphy for us tomorrow while we're at the hospital with Harlie. Harlie's scheduled OR time is 7am.

She will be getting her wires removed and will also have an Auditory Brain Stem Response test (ABR). That will tell us if she has an inner ear in her left ear. I haven't thought much about that, really. I guess because I have pretty much been expecting to learn that she doesn't have the ability to hear. Not that I'm being negative, just realistic. Even if she does have an inner ear, surgery to give her a canal to enable her to hear is still very new to the medical field. So, that decision would not be an easy one. Although, it is my understanding that if she does have the ability to hear (even without a canal) we could give her a bone anchored hearing aid. So, I think there are some options, but no sense in getting all caught up in that until we know more.

I will say that it will be very nice to finally know, one way or the other. It is hard to believe that we've made it this long without knowing. I remember right after she was born - I wanted all my questions answered immediately and I just didn't think I could take the waiting. But here we are 22 months later and we have waited just fine. I surprise myself at the amount of patience I have been able to learn!

Well, I better get going. Although I have to get up in less than an hour and a half (at midnight) to turn off her night feed and start Pedialyte, then get up again at 3am to turn off the Pedialyte. Not to mention that I feel like I'm 5 and tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!! I just can't wait to see her smile without the wires!!!

I'll update as soon as I can! Take care,


Libby Walker said...

So happy your pregnancy is progressing nicely. Post pics soon, cannot imagine you huge!
Its truly amazing how far Harlie has come in this last year. She is an amazing little girl

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see Harlie's wireless smile. Good luck with everything tomorrow.