Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Murphy is miserable

Well, today is post-op day 2 for Murphy and I can officially say that he is miserable. Yesterday seemed to be going well. He even played a little with Harlie and walked around some (albeit on his tippy toes). He even said that he wanted to go to school. So, my rationale is that each day will be better than the last, right?. But, by last night, he was miserable. He wouldn't even let us put on his underwear! So, yes my kid went to sleep with just his pj top on and wouldn't let the covers touch him, either. Well, I will say this... to all of you who have a son, at least he won't be touching it any time soon!

So, no school again today. I don't think they would appreciate him walking around half naked - that being the bottom half, of course. I do ache for him, of course. No mom likes to hear her son cry, "my pee pee hurts!" a hundred times a day. But, it does make me realize that each person does have their own threshold for pain, that's for sure. I think of all the things that Harlie has been through and I am just amazed at what she can handle. I guess I've been "spoiled" in a way. And with her, I don't have to hear her whine or complain, she just goes along with her day. It's really amazing what the human body will adapt to.

So, for the past two days my kids have watched a lot of TV. Normally, a no-no as far as I'm concerned. But, I can't send him outside to play, that's for sure. And I can't exactly run all my errands, putting him in and out a car seat. His activity choices are very limited. And, quite frankly, I'm 8 months pregnant, huge, I have heartburn, and I'm tired. So, what's a few days of tv going to hurt? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Things will be SO much easier when the baby comes. Yeah, right. You got it - I've lost my mind!!!

Back to Harlie...

Every night after dinner, I take Harlie outside for a walk. At about 7pm the sun is off the street and it's been cooler so it's a perfect time to let her walk. My goal is to get her to be able to walk down to the cul de sac, and back. It's not that far - only about 9 or 10 houses one way. But there is a slight incline (which seems to bother her a bit). Some days she does really well, some days not. I have no idea what makes it good or bad.

Although last night, I can tell you what went wrong. She got distracted by a parked car and a kid's bike on the side of the road. For the life of me I don't get why she is fascinated with a parked car. She wants to touch it and walk around it. Seriously, this can't be normal! Well, not that I can ever expect "normal" from Harlie, so why am I surprised? And when I told her to come on and keep on walking and get away from the car - she was mad. She is the most stubborn child. So, once I finally got her to move on (by picking her up) we came across two bikes on the side of the road. Well, I don't know if I've mentioned it, but she loves to watch the kids ride their bikes. Okay, maybe not that. She wants to ride a bike herself. I can't tell you how many times she has tried to climb on Murphy's bike, which is clearly, entirely too big for her.

So, she ran toward the bikes and wanted up. There was no getting her to walk away from that. So, I had to carry her away again. She was not happy. And then she sat down and refused to walk. I know to a stranger I must look like a mean mom when I tell her she needs to walk. But, they are thinking I am pushing her physically, which I am not. She CAN walk! She just doesn't always want to.

Well, that's it for now.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

My Poor Baby Murphy...I hurt for him. I hope he bounces back soon..I hate hearing how sore and miserable he not his nature. Ms. Harlie is starting to get very stubborn..isn't she? I forget that she is fastly approaching her "terrible 2's" and has her own opinions on what shw wants to do..gotta love her for that..but how can you even begin to discipline...???? BUT THINGS WILL JUST GET EASIER WHEN BABY#3 comes you think!!! Love to All

Grandma said...

I screwed up...Grandma said the previous blog..hit the wrong key.

elaine said...

Oh, Christy, As long as you keep that stupendous, great sense of humor of yours, you will come through anything!!!! Some of your entries are just too funny and while I may be wincing at some of the content, I am laughing out loud (what is that: lol?)

And, yes, you are huge, but you look wonderful and healthy. And, yes, you are totally off your rocker to think that Three will make your life easier, though it will be helpful to be able to move a little more freely.

Hang in there, Babe. You're doing great!