Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Furniture

So, in an earlier post I mentioned that we aren't "ready" for this new baby - as far as a room, I mean. We can't reuse Harlie's furniture because she is no where near ready for a big girl bed. She is still connected all night long to her feeding tube (for 10 hours she gets fed while she sleeps - bring on the calories!) and she is connected to the trach collar which supplies her humidified air (and oxygen when necessary). Oh, and her pulse ox probe which is wrapped around her toe. Plus, she can't walk yet, so there's no way she's ready to give up her crib.

So, months ago I saw the furniture I wanted - in the Pottery Barn catalog. Well, we're certainly in no position to go buying it there, of course. So, my dear, sweet, handy husband said he could make it. Yes, build it himself. Which is great. Except that time is not something we have a lot of and so we're slightly behind schedule. Oops. Here are some photos:

The good news is that he's finished building the crib. The bad news is that he still has to start the dresser/changing table, and then a night stand. And then, of course, I have a list I've started, you know, toy boxes, toy shelves, etc. Poor guy. Oh, and we're painting the furniture navy blue. I thought it would be really cute to accent it with pinks and lavenders if it's a girl, and whatever other colors if it's a boy. So, that's the plan. Let's just hope this baby cooperates and gives us a few more weeks to finish. I'm 35 weeks along, which is when I delivered Murphy and went into my first labor with Harlie and started bed rest to buy two more weeks. So, hopefully this one will be completely different and I'll be 39 weeks DYING to deliver.

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windy toy said...

Well, I guess he is pretty handy, that crib is looking nice!!! Is he for hire???lol

Grandma said...

Looking at the guessing game,,,the majority of the people are not giving you till the end of september...more the middle of the month, so....I suggest you tell my son to get busy (like he isn't). I do have to brag a minute and say wow..what a fantastic job!!! That is talent he got from his grandfathers, not his mom. Good Luck.

Mallory said...

Interesting!! It is looking so nice... He has done a great job on this baby crib!!