Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sign of the Day

Some manners for you today:



Thank you (you're welcome is the same sign)

And thanks for those of you that have commented on my Sign of the Day.  I'm glad to know that you're liking it.  Not that you have to use them, mind you.  But, it's just nice to be able to share a way of communication that is so important to so many people.  Even when you don't see it that often.  Back when I was just starting to learn some words I was in Target and I asked an employee where something was.  He communicated to me that he couldn't hear and I was able to ask him where it was and say thank you.  It was so awesome.  It made my day.

Plus, for those of you that see Harlie - I think as she is getting older, it will make an impression on her to see those around her trying to sign.  She definitely notices that stuff now.

Okay, thanks and I'll have another "real" post for you soon!

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