Monday, February 7, 2011

Sign of the Day

In honor of last night's event (the Super Bowl for those of you non-sports fans):


And for you Steelers Fans:


And for you Packers Fans:



Have a good day!  More later!


B-Mama said...

I FELL SAD for you all, but HAPPY for our M--don't tell Tom but the Packers are a fave team of his ever since GG got to go see a game last year. Hope you all haven't had too rough of a morning rebounding after the loss!

Any btw, I'm loving these signs!! The boys and I were here learning all of them. I can't wait to talk to Harlie the next time we see her!!

Tracy said...

Steelers fan.... sad. LOL.

Anyways the VACTERL Conference this year will be in Washington DC. June 24-26th

It will be held at: Doubletree Hotel Crystal City in Arlington, VA

Its a great time and the ONLY time you will meet with parents who have a clue what we all go through on a daily basis with our kids. So worth going to if you can.