Monday, January 24, 2011

The Steelers

... are going to the Super Bowl!

I might have mentioned in the past that Tom is from Pittsburgh and, as required, is a huge Steelers fan.  I must say that I feel lucky to have married into a Steelers family.  It is a fun team to watch.  I love how people refer to their playing as "Steelers Football."  You won't hear anyone say, "They just aren't playing Jets football."  And the fans are unmatched.  First, they are everywhere.  They mourn a loss and celebrate a victory like no other!!!

I might have also mentioned that this particular group of people are the Steel City Connection.  And we just got a new home at the University Bar and Grill.  Last week's game was a little overwhelming for the new place.  They just didn't realize that Tom was serious when he said, "Expect about 130 to 150 people".  Oops.

Well, they had their game face on last night.  They were more than prepared.  And they were awesome.  We didn't have to wait any time at all for anything ordered.  The place was packed.  And loud.

Tom and me at the start of the game.

Mary Alice, Alisha and me.

This is just one part of the restaurant.

Me and Alisha celebrating with Aaron peeking in the background.

Ryan celebrating.

Teaching Donna and Aaron (newbies to the Steelers Nation) how to celebrate.  Psst... they are from NY!

Another part of the restaurant.  And more celebrating.

It was a hugging kind of night.

Me and Donna.

Donna and Aaron.

Alisha and me shortly after the big win!

Alisha, Ginger and me.

Good times!  Two weeks to the Super Bowl!!!

Go Steelers!


Donna said...

Ha...great post! Fun night for sure...and clearly I have lots to learn!!
So good seeing you...looking forward to The Super Bowl! (Wow, did I really just say that?!?)

Ann said...

So, I totally dislike the Steelers! Go Packers!

Can we still be friends? :)

Christy said...

Yes. Yes, you DID just say that! Does that mean you'll be joining us for it? It's fun, isn't it? Hard not to become a fan... My advice, don't fight it.

Christy said...

Ann, I think we had this problem a few years ago when we beat the Cardinals. We survived that. I think we'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

There will be NO talk of the other team on this blog! Christy, please block Ann for 2 weeks....haha.


The Steelers Husband.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see how you all were doing. Marcy

Ann said...

Hahaha Tom! I promise not to mention that "other team" again. I know how diehard you Steelers fans are! I really have no allegiance to the "other team", I'm pretty much for any team who plays against the Steelers :)