Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have a date.

Ahhh, another date.  Haven't had one of those in what - five months?  Well, it was a nice stretch.

March 28, 2011.  Spinal Fusion Surgery.  In DC.  Be there or be square.  Just kidding.

But the best part is that this surgery requires THREE pre-op appointments - all in Northern Virginia.  Cardiac pre-op, anesthesia pre-op and surgery pre-op.  And none are on the same day.  Nice.

I really need to look into a mileage reimbursement program.

So, back to feeding for a moment... I talked with Brandy and we came up with a plan to give me and Harlie a break from feeding.  She will feed Harlie breakfast, lunch and an early dinner and I will give her a snack before bed.  Basically we switched her snack and dinner.  If I choose to give it to her orally, great.  If not, I'll tube it.  Tonight, I tubed it.  We went all night with no anger or tears.

Last night I forgot to mention that I was so angry with her/the situation/Goldenhar Syndrome/God that I had to go to CVS and the grocery store to try to clear my head.  It was late.  It was COLD.  And I HATE to run errands like that.  And honestly, the trip wasn't even necessary.  Well, I suppose it was given the situation, but you know what I mean.  Tom put her to bed while I was gone and I didn't even say goodnight to her.  I'm not proud.  But I was mad and needed some time away.  Tonight was a better night - for all of us.

And Murphy had a great night - we got notice that school has already been cancelled for tomorrow due to the prediction of 3 to 5 inches of snow tomorrow.  Still not a flake to be seen.  I don't even think it's due to start until late morning - like 9-10am.  Crazy.

As always, thanks for reading!


B-Mama said...

Oh girl, you all can do this. I'm glad the date is still a few months away... And I'm really glad to hear about your resolution with feeding. Kudos to Brandy and to you for figuring out how to remove the stress from the situation. Very good!! Great work.

See you tomorrow in the "snow". I am betting we'll see a few flakes but nothing to amount to 3+ inches. I hope I'm wrong, though, because the kids would be so disappointed! xo

Just Diane said...

Big hugs, Christy! I have a 19 year old that loves to complicate life. I wish I could share more but I feel you on the unnecessary shopping trips. Four year olds are difficult anyway, and your sweet girls situation just compounds that. I wish I had the magic answer. All I can offer you are cyber hugs.

Susan said...

I'm sorry that you have another date to count down to. And man oh man, I wish they could have scheduled those pre-ops on the same day.

If it makes you feel any better I've had those times where I just had to get out of the house. Or just stay in bed under the covers.(((((HUGS))))) As you can imagine my state of mind isn't too happy at the moment. I wish we lived closer so we could meet up for coffee to really talk. You are doing the right thing with feeding. Harmony trumps progress.

Jennifer and Elizabeth said...

im so sorry that you had such a rough night Christy. (((((hugs)))) Sometimes you just need to get away from it all even if it's just for a few minutes or hours and that is perfectly ok. It's also ok that you didn't say goodnight to Harlie. She knows you love her and would move the world for her. Every now and then though you need to step away from it all to regroup for yourself. You're a great mom and those kiddos are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom as you. You're determination to help Harlie through all this is remarkable. Never doubt yourself.