Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Updates

Sickness struck our house a little more than a week ago.  I don't know who got it first - Tom or the kids.  Runny noses are everywhere!  And despite all efforts to avoid catching it myself - I did.  So, now I'm sick.  And colds kick my butt.  Run 15 miles in pain, sure!  Live with a sore throat - please no!!!

And Harlie and Cooper's ears have been questionable.  But no fevers.  And they are playing like all is well.    So, I didn't think going to the doctor would do much good.  Although, Harlie really needs a follow-up appointment with her local ENT.  I just haven't scheduled it.  It's been such a busy time and we see so many people as it is.  I know I should have called by now, but I just haven't.  It sounds so different when I write it - in my head I can totally see why/how I haven't called.  Sometimes I just get so tired of appointments.  And she must, too.

I have a lot to write about so, I'll just write as I think...

Last Thursday (the day I wore my slippers out in public) Harlie saw her dentist.  For the most part, her teeth look okay.  But there is one tooth that has some spots.  Her dentist said that it isn't a cavity - yet.  So, we need to watch it really closely and if it changes at all, we need to see her again.  She said that if it does become a cavity, they will have to pull it, under sedation, of course.  She said they don't take any chances with cardiac kids - so no repairing baby teeth for sure.  I have no idea what they do with permanent teeth.  There are some questions that I'm not ready for the answers.  

I have heard thin enamel can go along with Goldenhar Syndrome, but she said her enamel looks okay for now.  I've also heard that not eating orally can really mess up the normal bacteria balance and health of the teeth.  And I'm thinking that all the years of throwing up - daily - didn't help, either.

Hopefully, we've stopped the progression of the cavity.  Apparently that can happen.  So, I'm crossing my fingers.  Although, she's going to need teeth pulled for sure anyway.  She's got a lot of over-crowding on the bottom due to her jaw being so small from the get-go.

As fabulous as she was doing with eating orally, she's taken another turn for the worse.  We've gone through so many ups and downs with her behavior during feedings.  Just when I think we've come through and made some serious progress - things go bad again.  It is so frustrating.

I am wondering if she has a sore throat, too.  Maybe it's her cold that's making it uncomfortable to swallow.  Or maybe it's her cold that's making her not hungry.  Or maybe it's a sore throat and the gritty texture of the food.  Or maybe we went too gritty, too fast and it has nothing to do with her cold.

If only she could tell me what's going on and how she feels.  And why she doesn't want to eat.  At all.  For a little girl who is so darn smart - why oh why can't she communicate her pain to me???  She doesn't ask questions, and she doesn't answer them.  It just makes me sad.

The weekend of Thanksgiving, Cooper graduated to a big boy bed.

Well, I suppose I should say a "big boy mattress and box spring on the floor".  No actual bed frame - yet.  Tom wants to build something.  But, Cooper loves it!  I was a little worried.  Cooper tossed and turned in his crib.  I thought he would have a hard time staying put.  And he still woke up crying a lot of nights.  So, I thought he'd get out during the night, too.  But, he's only fallen out once, that first night.  And he seems to sleep very soundly now - with a lot less tossing and turning - and no waking up crying!  He must be so much more comfortable!

He's also loving preschool.  His preschool has curbside drop-off and pick-up (best idea, EVER!) and his teacher came to the door the other day and he exclaimed, "YEAH!" when he saw her.  It was so cute!

And he's been quite the challenge with the Christmas tree.  He's broken more ornaments than I can recall.  And I'll find some in another room.  But, it appears he adds to the tree, too!   The other day I went to plug in the lights from the mantel.  I wanted to find a connection in the lights, so I got real close to the tree and started looking closely.  And I found this...

Here's a closer picture...

It is the filter to Harlie's suction machine.  I just switched it out the other day.  So, this one must be the old one that he got his hands on before I could throw it away.  And, of course, I completely forgot about it once it wasn't in my sight anymore.

So, he removes actual ornaments, but puts trash in our tree.  Secretion-related trash.  In our Christmas tree.  We're so classy here in the Holton household.

Well, it is very late and I really should be sleeping.  So, this will have to be it for now.



Sue Mitchell said...

Cooper is a recycler!

Just Diane said...

Sorry you all are sick. It seems to be that time of year. We have had to become better about hand sanitizer and hand washing because we seemed to be sick (one or two at a time, of course) forever beginning in the fall. AAAHHHH. Hope you all feel better soon!

Cooper is great! Hahaha. That is something that would happen around here. I could totally see finding dirty tissue on the tree. Did you leave it there?

Janis @ Sneak Peek at Me said...

HAHA!! Now that is a great theme for a tree!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cooper is a real decorator. Hope everyone starts feeling better. Love Ron and Sue

Susan said...

I think Janis is on to something. One of us should try it. Tubing for bead strings, suction catheters for tinsel, used filters and hme's for ornaments, maybe even some used trach tubes. We could even make snowflakes out of slit dressings. I'm cracking up over here. If I had an extra tree I would totally do it just for laughs.

I wanted to say Evie had a couple dark spots that we watched for several years that never turned into cavities. I hope that's how it goes for Harlie.

I hope everyone's feeling better soon!

Christy said...

Sue - Clever. And funny.

Diane - Yes, I left it there. But it eventually fell out. So I had to throw it away.

Janis and Susan - That is hysterical and me and my nurses had a lot of laughs thinking about that same thing. So funny right after your post about your beautifully-themed Disney tree!

Kanoa said...

I've never commented before, but I thought that I would mention a product that we used for my son to try to strengthen his enamel. Our dentist suggested that he use a product called MI Paste, which is calcium based instead of fluoride based. He used a regular toothpaste and then we rubbed the MI Paste on his teeth at bedtime. It might be worth asking your dentist about.

Cami & Mike's SIL