Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, I reached a new all-time low today.

I've been suspecting for the past several weeks that I have adult-onset Attention Deficit Disorder.  I'm not even sure if there is such a thing.  But, if there is - I HAVE IT.  And I can prove it.

To give you a little background, I move around the house doing everything half-way.  I start one thing, forget I was doing it and then find my half-done project later.

Today is Therapy Thursday.  Busy day.  I took Cooper to preschool and returned home to get Harlie and Brandy to go to Feeding Therapy and the dentist (at the same place).  When I got back home I walked through the garage and I noticed that I was still wearing my slippers!!!  I came into the house and told Brandy, "Whew!  Thank goodness I noticed that I was wearing my slippers!  Can you imagine if I forgot to put on my shoes for these appointments?!?"  Ha Ha - we laughed.

And then we got in the car and left for therapy.  I dropped Brandy and Harlie off at the door and then went and parked the car (it was really cold out and I can't find Harlie's coat!).  It was as I was walking in the door that I noticed my reflection in the glass door.


How did I forget to put on my shoes???  Just a few minutes passed since I noticed my error and told myself to get my shoes!!!  UGH!  This is certainly not an unfamiliar task!!! I wear shoes every time I leave the house!  Well, until today, of course.

I laughed all the way down the hallway to the waiting area.  As I was within ear-shot I yelled, "Brandy!"  And went and stood to where she could see my feet.  I didn't even tell her that's why I was laughing.  It took her less than a second to see what was so funny.  We laughed until we hurt.

And then I spent the next several hours wearing my slippers. IN PUBLIC.

Nice.  At least I was comfy.

See?  An all-time low.  And a clear case of adult-onset ADD.



B-Mama said...

LOL You are a hoot! If you have AOADD, then I have it too! Must be why I like you so much! :)

Rene said...

I've had my fair share of AOADD moments. I'm pretty sure it's a secret part of being a mom that nobody tells us about. (Because all the other moms forgot to tell us!)

Anonymous said...

Its really called being a busy, busy mom. At least it was something you could laugh at and enjoy the moment. I hope you have lots and lots of moments that are funny. Those times are the easiest to deal with. Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with lots to be grateful for. Love Ron and Sue

Ann said...

Where's the picture? :)

Sometimes you really have to force yourself to just "stop, look and listen" because life passes by way too fast!

Happy Friday!

Just Diane said...

I think I must have it too. lol.

Janis @ Sneak Peek at Me said...

This gets a ha-ha! Too funny.

Now don't laugh, but yesterday we were at the hospital to meet with a psychologist for over 2 hours. After the meeting we were walking to find a restroom to change Austin. Suddenly I touched my leg, I wanted to be sure I was wearing pants/jeans and not my pjs. I was too scared to look down. Now THAT is bad.

Yes, I had on my jeans...I just never remembered changing.

Susan said...

AOADD, that's what it's called? I thought it was being a far too busy mom of 3 with a very special needs kid. Because I constantly feel distracted and I pretty much can't get to the car without forgetting something. Forgetting my shoes is probably next.

Thanks for your encouraging words during our difficult time Christy. I really appreciate it because you've gone through a lot of face altering surgeries with Harlie. It helps me to keep the faith. Thanks.