Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today we took the kids to go see Santa.  

I knew Cooper would cry, so that wasn't a surprise.  But I didn't expect Harlie to sit on Santa's lap.  Murphy was adorable and brought his list to give to Santa.

It was a fun little family outing.  And just what I needed.

I have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  Life is just too busy.  So busy that you can't stop and think.

On Wednesday we had new carpet installed in our living room.  The living room carpet has really taken a beating since Harlie came along.  Tube feeding is messy business.  Formula spills, drips, and tubes come undone.  And there were those years of her vomiting 10+ times a day (40+ at its worst).  Trust me when I say the carpet was disgusting and should have been replaced years ago.  So, new carpet was our gift to each other and to the whole family.

No, this isn't the color we chose.  It is the padding.  I didn't get a picture of the carpet after it was installed.  Will have to do that later.

What?  You don't put your Christmas tree in your kitchen?

The installer was late, he was a stranger, which stressed me out, and I couldn't leave to run errands.

On Wednesday night, our weather forecast was an expected three to five inches of snow on Thursday.  So they canceled school.  I get that they want to be safe for the kids.  But, we woke up in the morning and there wasn't a single flake falling!  I think we ended up getting about three inches.  So they canceled school on Friday, too.  Ugh.

Cooper was chomping at the bit to go outside.  So, while I shoveled the driveway, the boys played in the snow.  They both loved it.  We actually got Harlie outside, too!  I couldn't believe it.  Those pictures are on the other camera.  I'll have to post them later.

On Thursday night, we tried to get a picture of the kids in their matching Christmas pajamas.  Talk about exhausting!  I will have to upload those pictures tomorrow.  It is too late now.  I'll post more tomorrow.

Good night!


Susan said...

I'm glad you're getting yourself new carpet. Isn't life without vomit fabulous! I really love your wall of photos!

We haven't quite got it together for Santa photos this year. I keep hoping Ainsley's eyes will improve a bit first. :( But I guess this is as good as it's going to get. I didn't even get pajamas this year. Bah Humbug!

Donna said...

One of my favorite Santa pics is of Zach screaming on his lap! :) SO happy you got new carpet - I know you must be REALLY excited!!! :)