Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday Night's Post

I wrote the following post Tuesday night, but lost my connection before I could finish.  I'll write another update when I can....

Wow.  Lot's of changes (good, don't worry) around here today.  She got her right atrium line out and her arterial line out today.  And then was moved out of the CICU into the Heart and Kidney Unit (HKU).

One of her chest tubes gave us some trouble today.  It got a hole in it, which breaks the seal (not a good thing).  So, they worked on that for a little while.  I suggested they just pull it (pretty much joking, but thought I would throw it out there to see what happened).  But they said no.  However, they did say that it's possible they could be pulled tomorrow!

I have been watching the drainage all day to see how it's doing.  And I'm trying to keep my excitement in check.  It has hardly drained at all!  So, if her x-rays look good in the morning, then perhaps they will pull those suckers out!!!

IF that's the case, then I think she has to hang out here for another day or so, get another x-ray and then, IF all is well, she could go home!!!  And I know I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself... but, that means it's possible we could be going home on Thursday!  Ugh - I hope I didn't just jinx us!

Now that we are on the floor, I am less comfortable leaving Harlie to go run, go downstairs, run errands, or to go to sleep at the Ronald McDonald House.  So, I'm already feeling some stress about that.  I keep telling myself that it might be for just a couple of days, and we can do anything for a couple of days, right?

But, I must admit that going to the RMH to get my stuff to sleep here and stay for a few days, made me sad.  My routine for the past week was comforting in a weird way.  Being able to leave the hospital at a decent time (7 to 8pm) and know that Harlie was well taken care of by wonderful nurses that sat with her (or within eye sight of her) when I was gone, allowing me to go to a place where I could rest, was really quite wonderful.

But, being here means progress - and some of the speediest we've ever had - so I'm thrilled about that!  If we get to come home on Thursday, I will be the happiest person on the planet!!!  And so will Harlie!

We did get some visitors today, and that was nice.  Harlie wasn't very hospitable, though.   It's kinda nice to know she's crummy to everyone equally and that it isn't just me that gets it.  A huge thank you to Kevin Smith, Jennifer, Brandy and Mrs. Katie (Harlie's preschool teacher) for coming up to visit today!  I know it is not an easy trip to make and we (okay, I) am very appreciative!  They all brought goodies which was wonderful!

I have more to write but the internet connection here is spotty at best.  So, I'll post more later when I can.

Thank you so much!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, she is doing amazingly well! I am so happy. I hope that you really do get home quickly.

I know what you mean about the ICU versus the floor. In the ICU, you know someone is right there with her. On the floor, even going to the bathroom is hard to do! I hope your time on the KHU is short-lived. :)

Heather said...

CHRISTY! huge news! I can't believe it! she's so amazing. can't wait to hear the official confirmation on a timely return home!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I really hope you get your wish. That would be seriously fast for Harlie.

Sending some 'time to go home' vibes.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

B-Mama said...

So excited for you all! Can't wait to celebrate with you all when you get the good news of release! Fantastic report... Thanks for making my day!

Kim said...

Yay!!!!! Hope to see you here in Richmond by the weekend at latest! :)

Anonymous said...

Harlie, you are amazing. I am so happy for you and Mommy and Daddy and your brothers. I am sure you will be so glad to go home to your own house and your own bed. God bless and still praying little one. Love Ron and Sue