Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-Op Day 5

Not much has changed today.  I do think there was a small improvement, overall.  Let's see...
  • They did a two-hour trach collar trial today.  She was on CPAP with pressure support for more than 24 hours.  So, they took her off and let her be on just the trach collar (letting her do all the breathing on her own) for two hours.  Then they put her back on CPAP with pressure support again, and will leave her on it overnight. 
  • She has two chest tubes that were draining into the same container.  They separated them so that they drain into two separate containers.  I guess they want to see if one side drains more than the other.  Personally, I don't see where it matters, as I believe the drains are coming from her chest cavity, and isn't there only one of those?  But, I wasn't part of the discussion to do that so I didn't get to hear the reasons why they thought it was worth doing.  And it doesn't bother her at all, so I suppose it's fine either way.  She's still draining a lot. 
  • She pooped.  So that's great.  Her belly looks much better and I am sure she must be way more comfortable. 
  • She's still febrile and the cooling pad turns on/off all day.  I noticed that she would shake/shiver periodically.  So, they turned it off for a little while.  We'll see how that goes.
  • She must be feeling a little better because she's been watching movies all day.  Of course, she's laying down to the side so she's not looking at the tv straight.  I don't know how she can watch it like that, but she doesn't seem to care or want to move, so I'm letting her be. 
  • Her white blood cell count was 26 this morning, down from 29 yesterday.  So, that's good. 
  • They took her off Vancomyacin today and put her on Bactrim (I think).  So they must have gotten some information from her cultures.  But, I haven't seen a doc today, so I haven't heard the details. 
Overall, I do think she must be less miserable than yesterday.  She refuses to sit up and is still not interactive or communicative at all.  Although she did actually pick a movie from two choices, so that's an improvement. 

Oh, and they moved her into a private room today.  I asked why (I didn't ask for one) and they said that since she has a parent bedside, and she needs to get some rest (which is even harder with three of everything buzzing all night) and the little babies don't care if they are in a private room or not it just seemed right to move her.  The only negative to the private room is that it is a long and narrow space, so the chairs are behind the patient's bed, so she can't see me when I'm sitting.  Other than that, it's fine.  Although, I must admit, I miss the banter between the nurses and, well, me.  But, I'll survive.  If it's what Harlie needs to get some good rest, then it is a good thing.  And she's been awake most of the day (another sign that she must be feeling a little better) so hopefully that means she'll sleep good tonight and then get on a normal sleep pattern. 

Her nurse last night gave her a bath and then they braided her hair.  I love it when they do stuff like that.  It's so darn sweet. 

Well, that's it.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring even more progress.  Thank you, as always for all your thoughts, prayers, comments and messages.  You are wonderful readers! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased she's feeling slightly better. Wishing you both a good night's sleep, and more recovery tomorrow for Harlie.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

Tanya said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. It's hard in the ICU. Your world gets so small (and for you quite literally!)and you take such tremendous joy from such small things. I am so glad to hear of the improvements today. Our prayers for Harlie continue. May tomorrow bring even more improvement.

Anonymous said...

Was so anxious all day to hear an update. Ron and I asked for a special prayer request again today at the church. You don't know how many people are concerned and praying for Harlie and her surgery. They asked me about it as soon as they saw me at church. I hope you don't mind, I called Maryann this afternoon because I wanted (I needed an update). I am praying she is feeling even a tiny bit better and it seems she is. All our love and prayers to all. Sue and Ron

Anonymous said...

Love and miss you guys! Love, Brandy

B-Mama said...

I am so encouraged by your post today, Christy! Glad to hear of even the smallest of improvements. Keep the hope and faith going... We'll keep praying. Hugs!

Allie said...

Love the positive news today! Thank you for continuing to update everyone, we appreciate it!

Janis @ Sneak Peek At Me said...

So glad that there have been small improvements. I have been checking in all day..worried much?

I know how much trouble the updates are for you so I appreciate them very much. xoxo

Anonymous said...

We too wait for your updates and continue , with many others, to lift you up in prayer.We are humbled by your strength of spirit and rejoice in each step forward. May this night bring you both healing rest. Alex's MeMe&PaPa.