Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post-Op Day 5 pics

Here's Harlie watching tv today.  She looks like she feels a little better.  Although that's the position she was in all day.  When I left tonight I said and signed "I love you" and then she just looked away.  Ugh. I know she will forgive me eventually.  Like when I take her home.    

Here's Harlie sitting up when the physical therapist came on Friday.  She was NOT a fan.  And who could blame her?!

It was after 8pm when I left the hospital tonight.  She had the same night nurse that she had the past two nights.  That always makes it easier for me.  I know that Harlie already knows her and that she already knows Harlie.  Although it is both good, and sad, that Harlie is so comfortable in the hospital.  And what I mean by that is that she isn't scared.  I guess she knows she's being cared for and that she's safe.

I was hungry and tired when I left.  And I had no food.  So, I got to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) and there was a hot meal sitting on the table!  Yummy soft tacos with all the fixings and brownies for dessert.  It was wonderful!  The girl that works here said that this family comes and makes dinner once a month for the families here.

So, if you're ever in the mood to reach out and do an awesome thing - don't forget the Ronald McDonald House!  They only charge $10 per night (and less if you can't afford it).  The house here has 16 rooms.  But they are building a new 26-room house just around the corner.  Each room will have a private bath!  Woohoo!  And the opening is scheduled for October.  Pretty exciting!

Okay, hopefully the next post you read from me will be me raving about how great Harlie is doing.  Thank you so much for all your continued love and support!  It makes such a difference to me!



Susan said...

It's great to see her sitting up and with her eyes open. I have a feeling she'll be feeling much better tomorrow. Fingers crossed, anyway. Love & hugs.

Kim said...

I'm watching for the post raving about her feeling better. And I know you can't wait to post that. But, baby steps are good too. She looks much better in the pics today than previously, so that's good too.

I never know what to say to you in these situations. Can't say hang in there - you're already doing that. Can't tell you to be strong - you already are. Guess I can just let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers, and that I love ya. I'm a phone call away if you need to chat. Hope to see you this week if it works for you.


Christamae said...

I am glad there is a little good news. I am worried about Miss Harlie. I hope she starts to feel better and better and shows some of that stubborn fighter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics and the updates. It is wonderful and I know difficult to keep everyone updated on Harlie's condition, but we really need to know that she is making progress. I know in my heart that she is getting better everyday. Thanks. Love Sue & Ron

Windy Toy said...

I'm glad that Harlie is doing better - she's a strong little girl!

Ang B said...

Hoping Harlie starts feeling more like herself very now!!!


Bruce said...

Christy.......Harlie is a very lucky girl to have you and Tom. Her strength comes from you guys. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Allie said...

Harlie has gorgeous hair. I love the RMH, what a wonderful service they provide.
You are doing an amazing job, and so is Harlie.

Anonymous said...

(2nd attempt as Blogger ate my first).

What a relief that Harlie feels well enough to show her displeasure by blanking you, though it must be hard for you to see. I prefer to think of it as a sign she is improving, based on her previous operations.

Like Kim says, baby steps in the right direction are good. I'm glad you are getting your stress relief by going on runs.

Continuing to think of you and send you hugs.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK

B-Mama said...

So glad you got to eat well--what a blessing that family is! Though you may not see it, I really think Harlie looks a lot more like herself in the photos. Baby steps. Hugs for an awesome day today.