Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post-Op Day 1 Pics

Here are the pics from today (Wednesday):

The patch on her forehead is something that measures the oxygen level in her brain.  And, I'm happy to report that she is normal.  And that's normal for a "normal" kiddo - not normal for a kiddo who just had heart surgery.  How your body can be oxygen deprived and still function and your brain be within normal limits astounds me.  Crazy bodies, we have!

Some of her meds this am:

This is the ENT team changing her trach.  It went beautifully.

Ahhh.  Resting comfortably on CPAP and with a tubeless mouth.

She's really doing very well.  We are so pleased with her recovery so far.  Tomorrow the plan is to take her off CPAP and put her back on trach collar.  That will be great.

Okay, that's it for now.



Allie said...

Thank you for the updates, Christy! I know it's a pain getting to a computer. Harlie is doing amazing! Hope the boys are well! xoxo

Donna said...

I am so glad her recovery is going well - so many people are praying for her - and you and Tom too. Harlie is such a trooper!

Susan said...

That's great they have all her meds taped so there are no mix-ups. You know we've been through some visits with an entire team and I'm pretty used to it, but it's impressive to see in a photograph. I guess it means they are taking good care of your baby, right? I'm glad things are going so well and I will continue to check in for updates. Thanks for being so good about doing it.

B-Mama said...

So happy to hear you all have had a great day. Keep it up, Harlie! We'll keep praying over the minor issues and hopefully tomorrow will bring more success. Sleep well...