Thursday, July 29, 2010

Follow-up appointment

Today, we had Harlie's follow-up with her cardiologist here in Richmond.  It went well.  They did an echo (sonogram of her heart) and it looked good.  She is still breathing pretty heavy, but she doesn't appear to be getting any worse.  

She weighed 33 pounds - 3-4 pounds more than prior to surgery.  I knew she still looked a little puffy!  There is NO way that she has gained that much real weight.  It is all fluid.  So, he upped her Lasix to three times a day (from twice a day).  We'll try that for a week or so and see how she does.  

Her sats (oxygen saturation levels) were pretty low - 76% (98-100% is typical for a healthy person).  Hopefully they will get better soon.

We go back to see him in three weeks.  

She is still sitting on the couch for the most part.  And she is still mad at me.  Or maybe she's just mad in general.  She hasn't even been nice to Murphy or Cooper, either.  She flat out refused to tell (sign) Cooper night-night.  And that is so unlike her!  I know I have to be patient.  She will bounce back.  She will just do it in her own time.  



Gretch said...

So glad she is still doing so well!! How heart breaking that she is still unhappy!! :( I hope that EVERYTHING continues to look up!! XOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what is going through her mind. Like you said patience and time and she will get back to her old self. I am so glad that she is doing well. Time heals all wounds. Love Ron and Sue

gtmom said...

So sad she is still so angry with everyone. I will be praying for your Mommy Heart :)

I wonder if there is something like art therapy or similar for her to express her feelings to get them out. Just thinking out loud and trying to help. I wonder if the hospital has something because you know other kiddos have gone through the angry part. Again just thinking out loud.

Glad to hear she is doing well even if it is hard.
Kim from treasuresandsnares

Susan said...

I'm sorry for you that she's not back to herself. Though it's that stubbornness that makes her able to withstand all that she has and defy the odds. I hope she comes around to being her loving self soon. I'm glad that medically she's doing well. Hugs.

Rene said...

I'm sorry to hear she isn't any happier. Maybe she's just not feeling (her typical) 100% and it's making her cranky. When I don't feel my best, I'm cranky too.

Praying her body gets used to it's new way of pumping and her sats and breathing get better soon.

Always in my thoughts and in my heart!