Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's full of surprises.

She's been doing great with her eating lately. I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but we started to introduce pureed fruits again. And surprisingly, she's been very accepting.

So far, we've given her pureed fried apples and peaches.

Every day I'm learning new ways to use her communication device, and how to tailor it to our needs. I changed some of the foods on the food page to be more fitting to her. I removed the burrito, sandwich and salad, for example, and added peaches. As we introduce more variety, I'll add those, too.

I showed her what I added, and showed her she could ask for more peaches. And now she says, "I want more peaches." How great is that?!

Brandy took some peaches to school and Harlie ate all of it. Then asked for more!

And then yesterday, Harlie wanted to feed herself! And - very surprisingly - she did a GREAT job! She didn't spill that much, which is shocking when you think that she's NEVER actually fed herself before. And pureed peaches aren't exactly easy to keep on the spoon.

It's just funny how things go when you have a kid like Harlie. Just a few weeks ago, her feeding therapist said we needed to try and teach her that food is the meal and milk is the beverage to go with the meal (instead of her drinking her entire meal).

And now, just a few weeks later, I can't get her to stop eating the food to drink the beverage (which is where ALL of her calories and nutrition come from). And asking for more food! That's just funny. And so indicative of how erratic life is with her. She's always throwing us for a loop. Sometimes good loops, sometimes bad ones.

I am so, so thankful for the good loops. More thankful than words can say.



Rene said...

Wow!!!! This totally made my day! I know how exciting it was to see Tommy try a spoon. He always had this look on his face like I was feeding him dirt, but he opened his mouth, LOL! Glad she's enjoying peaches. Tommy did not like them the one time he tried them. First food he ever spit out.

Can't wait to read she's moved up to a meat and potatoes meal!

Unknown said...

How wonderful.

Michele Andolina said...

And sometimes the good loops can be "fruit" loops! (Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

Christy said...

how exciting! glad some good things are coming her way.

Susan said...

That's fantastic! So glad she's doing well eating and communicating! It's great to get some positive surprises isn't it?!

Susan said...

Happy Mother'd Day Christy! I hope your family spoils you rotten!

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