Sunday, April 18, 2010

Murphy's Questions

Murphy and Cole were playing outside this afternoon. I was upstairs in Cooper's room, when I heard Murphy yell from downstairs...(read the following in a yelling tone).

Murphy: "Mommy, how did they put your tummy back together?"

I pause with a very puzzled look on my face.

Me: "What?"

Murphy: "How did they put your tummy back together after you had Cooper?"

Me: Silence. (I did not have a c-section.)

Murphy: "Mommy? How?"

Me: "Murphy, we'll have to talk about this later. Why are you asking?"

Murphy: "Because I don't know, and I want to know how they put your tummy back together."

Of course. He doesn't know, and he wants to know. That makes perfect sense.

Oh brother.


Janis said...

Can't wait to see how you tackled that one!

Kim said...


Katie told me just after I informed her my sister was engaged that very soon love would start growing in my sister's stomach, and then there would be a baby in her uterus.

Yeah, she knows what a uterus is, and what grows int it. No clue how it gets there. And I plan on it staying that way for a few more years.

Christy said...

Janis - Avoidance is usually the name of my game. He hasn't brought it back up yet - I'm hoping he's forgotten about it.

Kim - aw, "love would start growing" how cute. Yeah, kids are growing up way too fast these days.

I should have asked for suggestions on answering this question... I have never wanted a c-section more!!!

B-Mama said...

We've just told the kids that the baby comes out of "Mommy's bottom". Ha ha. Probably TMI. You can imagine they are full of questions now that they see my tummy expanding exponentially by the day!