Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hearing Aid Appointment

On Monday we went to see Harlie's audiologist. The last time we were there, 3 weeks ago, she took a mold of her ear. We have been having such a hard time getting Harlie's hearing aid to stay in. We were having to put it back in place several times an hour, which was so annoying. Her canal is still so tiny (infant sized). With the new mold, they made another piece that goes in her ear. It is glittery (I got to pick it out). And, so far, it is staying in with no problems! What a difference that makes!

She also got tested in the booth. She did a better job of hearing the high frequency sounds this time. But, she still has a hard time hearing the lower frequencies.

She is so funny in the sound booth. In the booth, there is a window so you can see Ann. That window is to our left. And since Harlie's hearing aid is on her right side, all the sound comes from the speaker on the right. So, when Harlie does hear a sound, she looks really fast to the right, and then looks really fast to Ann. Especially when Ann talks to her. It's like Harlie is fascinated that Ann can throw her voice. Then Harlie will laugh her funny little laugh.

The only problem is that the inside of the booth is SO quiet. It is a quiet that I'm betting most people don't get to hear. Add the static noises and I have to fight so hard to keep my eyes open. I would so LOVE to sleep in there!

Anyway, the bonus is that we don't have to go back for three whole months!!! Wow! It is so nice when we're able to get some distance between appointments. And that doesn't happen that often, so when it does, I am one happy camper.

That's it for this post. More later!

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Susan said...

Cool! That has to be such a relief. Especially because you don't want to lose the little bugger or have someone step on it by mistake.