Saturday, April 17, 2010

infectious Disease Appointment

We had another appointment with her Infectious Disease doc in Norfolk on Tuesday. I think it has been 3 weeks since our last visit. She has been on an oral version of Levaquin since then, and has been doing well. No diaper rash (thank God!) and no increased vomiting, hives, etc. So, that's wonderful. I have been very happy with how well this antibiotic is going so far.

She started receiving antibiotics on February 11th. It has now been over two months of treatment. The doc said that the normal treatment time for this kind of bone infection (because they are so much harder to fight) is between three to six months. So, we are not even halfway yet. But, as long as the Levaquin works okay, I'm happy.

Since she no longer has the PICC line, they had to draw blood. The only negative was that we had to go to the lab. It was very crowded, and not comfortable at all. There were two small rooms for drawing blood, which were in the middle of the waiting room. So, you could hear everything - including crying and screaming while they were poking kid after kid. There are definitely moments that I find it helpful that Harlie can't hear very well. But Cooper and Harlie played anyway, ignoring the screaming, and were very good.

When it was Harlie's turn, she was a champ. One stick, and just 45 seconds later, we were walking out the door. I'm so proud of my little girl sometimes I just don't know what to do.

We go back in about 5 weeks, I think.

More later!

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