Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Tom!

I know I don't brag enough about my husband. But I think he's wonderful. I know our life is really hard, but I think the two of us are doing a pretty good job at making it work - while maintaining an incredible happiness. And no matter how hard I worked, I could never do that without him. Here are some reasons why I should brag about him more often:

He is very funny.

He is very driven and passionate about things. (This can also be a negative as he can become obsessed with a hobby, for example, to the point of absolute craziness and insanity (my insanity, that is). But, I said I was bragging, so I won't talk about that.)

He is a very hard worker and wants to do the best job possible no matter what it is.

He designs beautiful kitchens (and other rooms, too). Unfortunately, they are not OUR kitchen, or other rooms. Maybe one day. But you should call him.

He is very outgoing and NOT shy.

He is very smart. Sometimes this is a negative, too. Like when I think I'm right, and he turns out to be right instead. That stinks. But, most of the time it is actually quite helpful. For example, because of all the snow we got this winter, he made a snow plow out of wood. So, instead of shoveling the driveway, he pushed it to the side. It was so much faster than shoveling!

He is an excellent cook. And for that, I am truly grateful. For if it were up to me to provide dinner every night we would either starve or we would be fat from eating nachos every night.

He is very physically fit. He has worked really hard to get to this point. He wakes up at 4:30am 5 days a week to go to the gym. Then he comes home, gets Murphy up, dressed and fed, and then walks him to school. And he exercises 6 days a week. Sometimes that's a negative, like when I want to run on Saturday and he wants to bike. But, again, I'm bragging here. I must stay focused!

He has a great imagination for things that Murphy likes. For example, one day he made up a scavenger hunt with clues like, "what does Mommy like to drink each morning?" And playing I Spy when Murphy is bored. And building forts. Which also turns out to be a negative in that I have to fold and put away all the blankets. Which, for some reason, seems to take a lot more effort than it should.

Well, I could go on, but I really don't like to brag.

I think he's wonderful.

Tom, you are a fabulous husband and father and I can't imagine traveling this road with anyone else but you!

Happy Birthday!



Grandma said...

As Tom's mom...I can only agree with you. I am so proud of all my children (you do realize Tom's sisters call him the "Golden Boy"). I always prayed that I instilled the confidence they all needed to be a success in life and I know I achieved that! Tommy..Happy Birthday and I love you.

Heather said...

awww. . what a great testimony to your craziness. . er. . awesomeness! Happy Birthday Tom!

Donna said...

Awesome post Chirsty! You know I normally like to be obnoxious (all in fun, of course!) when it comes to Tom, so I'll refrain on this post and just say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that he still calls your his bride truly makes hims a wonderful husband. Happy born on day Tom.

Sue Mitchell said...

Awww, what a wonderful tribute! Harlie definitely has the best parents in the world to meet her special needs - God knew what He was doing when He gave this special little girl to the two of you. Your love and sense of humor (and craziness!) has to be what gets you through this life you now lead. You set such a wonderful example for the rest of us! Happy Birthday, Tom!

B-Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Tom, from your equally-as-crazy neighbors down the street! Christy, this was such a loving and heartfelt tribute to your hubby! The two of you are a match made in heaven... Blessings for many more years to come!

Michele Andolina said...

This is very sweet. Way to bring a smile to our faces, Christy!!

Kim said...

So sweet! Happy birthday, Tom, and yay for you both and the happiness you share. :)

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