Saturday, September 1, 2012

Post-op Day 8 - Discharge Day?

Hopefully today will go as planned. The plan is that the oxygen company is supposed to deliver the portable oxygen concentrator between 2 and 3 this afternoon. That kinda stinks. I wish it were earlier. But we forgot that it's Labor Day weekend. So I guess beggars can't be choosers.

There is a flight at 8pm tonight. So, if this oxygen guy is late, we'll be cutting it close. We really need to be at the airport before 6pm. If we had to add in extra time for security before... And we still need to go by the hotel and pack up and check out. Tom is doing what he can now. Then when I go later, I'll pack up my stuff. So hopefully getting out of there will be a quick process.

And the nurses tell me they will get everything done paper work wise before this afternoon, so when the guy comes with the concentrator, we'll be ready to go.

I must admit that while I know she looks great (and so much better than after her previous jaw surgeries) I'm not looking forward to taking her out in public. People will not know what she's been through. They will probably think she was in a car accident. Or that we abused her. At any rate, I know that look. That look of pity. And while I get it, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with the stares.

They just came and took out both IVs, so I think it's sunk in that she gets to leave today. They said all the paperwork is ready for us. And we have now purchased the plane tickets. We had to pay a little extra to get the first rows, but I think it will be worth it when we don't have to carry her through the whole plane to the back.

Well, that's it for now. I'm headed to the hotel to pack. I'm so excited to be able to go home!!! I can't wait to see the boys and Rooney, of course.

Thank you so much for all your continued love and support! I can't tell you how much all the messages have helped our spirits. That, combined with Tom being able to stay the whole time, has made this hospitalization so much better than what I expected.

Much love,

Christy xoxo


B-mama's mama said...

Wonderful news!! God speed as you jet back to those loving arms waiting for you!!

B-Mama said...

Prayers that the journey is uneventful and smooth! We can wait to have you down the street healing rather than 100's of miles away!! And happy anniversary! Hope it was a wonderful dinner out. Well-deserved.

Susan said...

I hope all goes as planned and you have a good flight home. What strikes me about Harlie's appearance right now is how happy she looks, so I think nobody is going to think you beat her. Of course most people think all kids are healthy and have no idea the things a child Harlie's age could have gone through. I know how hard it is to have thick skin all the time. I hope it is easier than you're expecting. (((((HUGS))))) I hope you have a joyful reunion with the boys and Rooney.

Ann Kvedaras said...

I am so glad for all of you, specially Harlie, that things have gone so well. Glad you are getting to fly home today. Up, up and away! Love to all, AnnLeith in L.A.