Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Harlie!!

Wow!  SIX YEARS old!!!  Hard to believe.

I remember sitting in that doctor's office when he told us that she had a 5% chance of being born alive.  I liked my doctor.  He was really nice.  And he was giving it to us straight, which was exactly what I asked him to do.  Somehow she made it.  And with MORE problems than he knew.  She really is something...

One day, I'll have to share the details of those days.  I had not yet started to blog then.  But, I did write.  In a journal.  You know, with a pen and paper?  For the entire pregnancy.

Her birth was a crazy, difficult time.  And it is really weird to "live" in a hospital setting during a time like that.  For one, there's NO rest.  None.  And there's tons of walking.  Exactly what you want when you've just given birth.  And when you're in there, that's all there is.  It's as if the world outside those walls simply don't exist.  All of your focus, attention, energy and brain power must be devoted to what all those doctors and nurses are telling/asking you.  And getting to know your baby?  Well, that just had to wait.

Yes, her birthday is bittersweet still.  But we are so lucky.  More and more years are put in between that day and the present.  And there are more good memories, than bad.

Here I am sitting bedside her first few days.  The critical airway sign above her bed meant we couldn't hold her.  We had to wait till they gave her a trach - three weeks later - before we could hold her.

I remember taking these next two photos on Day 3.  I knew they would be the last photos of her body with no scars.  She was just under five pounds.

Since she was rushed to Children's from the hospital next door where I had her, there was no time to officially name her.  So she was "Baby Girl Holton."

Post-op from her first open heart surgery.... just four days old.

But look at her now...

Okay, maybe a couple of weeks ago.  She still had her cast.  Anyway, here she is post-op again - 30 surgeries later...

She is one happy little girl.  And we are so thankful!!

Happy Birthday Harlie!  We love you!!!

~Christy xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love that last pic...especially with Roonney peering over the chair. lol

Belated Happy Birthday Harlie. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Harlie!