Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Doesn't Harlie Like Stickers?

Because of this...

The Holter monitor came off this morning.  Tom was the bad guy and yanked off the tape.  I was the mean mommy who sat there and took this picture.

Tom said that one day we'll have to video it, so you can see, and maybe better experience, some of the fun things we get to do to her.  I don't think that tape even sticks that bad to her skin, but it doesn't matter.  She clearly has memories of similar experiences with worse tape and more sensitive skin (like post heart surgery, or any kind of surgery, really).  It's really quite awful.

But, it's over for now.  And she went to school seemingly happy, albeit late.

Today is "bear day" at school.  (Insert scared face here.)  But she got to take her own bear, so that's better. (Insert relieved face here.) She chose a white bear that lights up on the inside.  It was a gift to her many years ago (she was six months old) from a very nice person who visited us while she was in the hospital for her first Easter.  And she actually likes it.

Okay, more later!


Ann said...

Wishing you a fabulous weekend you "mean" mom! :)


Rebecca Bennett said...

Of all the things I remember about giving birth, one thing that I remember CLEARLY is the pain from them ripping off the massive amounts of tape that they used to hold the epidural in place. Poor baby girl. What does she like instead of stickers for crafts?

Susan said...

What you say makes sense. The cute little pictures on stickers aren't fooling Harlie, she knows they are still just as sticky as the tape. :) For what it's worth Ainsley isn't a huge fan of stickers either.

I'm glad you have an alternate bear and I hope that goes better this time.