Thursday, February 23, 2012

Headed to Boston

When I made this appointment months ago, it felt like forever away.  And now it's tomorrow!  Wowza!

We leave super early in the morning to fly to Boston.  Harlie will probably get a big kick out of that.  She's watched the Curious George show when they go to the airport and fly for vacation, like a million times.  Tom asked her if she wanted to ride on a plane and she quickly said yeah, and then signed plane.  We had to keep telling her, "tomorrow, tomorrow."

Then we'll take her to the Aquarium.  We are really looking forward to that.  She's going to love it!  Then after all that fun, we'll head on over to the Children's Hospital of Boston for our appointment with their craniofacial clinic.

The coordinator called me yesterday and said, "Bad news..." Oh no!  Then she went on to tell me that one of the doctors we were going to see had a family emergency and won't be there.  So, someone else is going to step in for him.  Whew.  I was afraid she was going to say they had to cancel our entire appointment or something.

I am very interested to see what their opinion is on what should be done to get Harlie's jaw more functional.  We're only looking for the ability to breathe without the trach, chew food and talk.  That's it. I really don't think that's asking too much, do you?

I have so much more to share (shocker, I know!) but we have to get up so early tomorrow (like before 4 freaking am!) so I have to make this quick.

Feel free to send us some positive thoughts and prayers for safe travels!

Thank you so much!
~Christy xo


Beverley said...

oodles and oodles of positive thoughts and prayers!

Ann said...

I'm adding my oodles of positive thoughts and prayers to the mix as well. Good luck and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.


carla said...

lots of fingers and toes crossed for a safe trip and informative consult. have a blast at the aquarium. much love!

Heather said...

you have all my positive stuff coming your way. fly safe and we'll see you Saturday.

Lisa B said...

Lots of positive thoughts coming to you.

Grandma said...

I plan on having a movie night with the 2 cutest little boys careful and see you tommorrow.

Sue Mitchell said...

I bet you're flying Jet Blue. My daughter lives in Boston and when she flies back on Monday mornings after spending the weekend, we get up that early to take her and her husband to the airport. So I feel your pain (but it's always worth it!) Good luck - hope it went well today. (I'm late reading your blog this week.)

Susan said...

I hope the doc who wasn't able to be there wasn't the important one and that you find the trip was worth it! I will be eagerly waiting to hear how it went. Call me if you want to talk.