Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Update

Spring Break is not a break when you stay home with three kids.  Just in case you were wondering.  There has been no time/energy for me to blog.  At all.

I only have a few minutes, so I'll just give you a quick update for now.  Harlie is still doing well.  We are now three weeks into this cast.  We have about three to five weeks left.  We have our follow up appointment with Ortho next Tuesday.  Her cast is looking pretty yucky.  In the back the covering has come off and the padding stuff is sticking out.  She's really been struggling with going potty.  She's just not comfortable going in her diaper, and she's not at a good angle for a kid who's potty trained.  Yet she doesn't complain.

Traci (her PT) brought a two-pound weight bar when she brought the stander and walker.  Here she is "working out".

Here she is playing with that aqua sand in the stander.  She asks to play with it, which is great because it gets her standing.  She stands about two times per day, between 40 ad 60 minutes each time.

Her most recent homeschooling session with Mrs. Katie.

On Saturday, Murphy and I went for a two-mile run.  He got new shoes last week (running shoe type) and he said he'd like to run with me.  YAY!  So, there is a 5k in May that is family friendly, so I thought we could train for that.  I couldn't believe how well he did running those two miles!  He ran a steady pace and only walked a little.  And the best part is that we talked the whole time.  It was great in every way!

We ran again on Tuesday (yesterday) afternoon, but it was really hot and I guess he wasn't feeling as energetic.  We ran just shy of two miles and he had to walk more than on Saturday.  But, it was still good.  

On Sunday I ran six miles - my longest run since the marathon in November.  Oh, that is so sad.  But, I am so happy to be running again.  It is very clear that I need that in my life.  So that feels good.  Even if it isn't my best running, I know that I will get back to where I was.  

On Monday night, I was tucking Cooper in bed.  I told him I loved him and he said (clear as a bell), "I love you."  Melt me!  He is talking like crazy now.   

Yesterday (Tuesday) I put Cooper down for a nap.  He decided he'd rather spend that time "playing" quietly in his room.  He unzipped Murphy's beaded pillow and poured all the beads (tiny balls of styrofoam?) out all over the place.  Murphy was sad (because he liked the pillow) and did his best to clean it up to save the pillow.  I, of course, was telling him we just need to throw it away because we will never be able to trust Cooper with it again.  But I didn't throw it away.  Murphy worked for a long time to clean it up.  Tom said he'll fix the pillow so you can't unzip it.  What's the point in providing a zipper for a pillow full of stupid little beads that are impossible to clean up, anyway???  Ugh.

Murphy cleaning up Cooper's mess.

Look at his fingers - there were so many beads.
Later that afternoon...

Cooper was finally wiped out and fell asleep on the couch.  

Today we were supposed to take the kids to the zoo.  But, I'm just nervous about taking Harlie out for the first time and driving that far away.  Well, I'm probably nervous about a lot of things that go with taking her out in public right now.  The whole potty situation doesn't help.  We can't take a bedpan out in public with us!  Plus, there are just too many logistics involved with that.  And I'm completely void of the energy for those kind of logistics.  Between trying to run and having the kids home for Spring Break, I'm beat to the core!  So, we are going to start with a park closer to us.  That way if she's too uncomfortable, coming home early won't be that big of a deal.  

So, I have to go and get ready for that.  Thanks for reading.  And thank you to everyone who has provided a meal to our family!  We have been so well fed these past two weeks!  

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Harlie looks so beautiful, for a little girl that's been through so much, that smile is relentless! :) And I can't get over how LONG/TALL Cooper looks on the couch! Holy moly! Thinking about you guys, always. XOXO


Grandma said...

That is the pillow that Murphy got from Grandma...It was in my car and he wanted to "borrow it" so of course Grandma gave it to him. I will see if I can find another like it. I am so glad Harlie is doing so well and I will see you in a few weeks.

B-Mama said...

Hey Christy! Harlie looks awesome. Great to read that you all are getting out and running well. so cool about Murphy's training. I will pray for more moments of peace for you with everyone home. We're back Friday afternoon and the boys would love to play!