Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Northern VA

Murphy went back to school yesterday.  And I made a lot of phone calls, trying to get somethings scheduled and figured out.  I'm on a mission - but more on that later (in an upcoming post).  

And yesterday marked four weeks in this cast.  In some ways it's gone by fast.  But I'm officially over it. And so is Harlie.  Despite the itching, she's still in good spirits.  

Harlie working out with a 5-pound weight!

Homeschooling session with Mrs. Katie.
Today we have our first follow-up appointment with her surgeon.  The cast looks terrible.  The stuffing has completely come out along her back.  The cast edges are quite sharp without the border.  Tom put some duct tape on it the other night and that seemed to help and look like it was more comfortable.

Until the next morning when it came undone and then somehow got turned around and stuck to her back.  Keep in mind that this girl's number one enemy is sticky stuff.  She HATES anything sticky.  And she had a big strip of duct tape stuck to her back that HAD to come off.  It was not pretty.

So, part of me is really hopeful that her surgeon will either change it (give her a new cast) or say heck with it, she's healed GREAT and put her in a brace.  I know they are long shots.  But, without hope you've got nothing.  So, I'm putting her car seat in the back of the car - just in case.

Well, I have to go.  Lots to do to get ready to leave.  Our appointment is at 10:30am.

Hopefully I'll be able to give you an update while we are there.


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Heather said...

drive safe. hoping for good news and a cast free Harlie!!