Monday, March 21, 2011

Misc. Stuff

On Saturday, Murphy and his friend, C, went for a ride on their bikes.  Not very long into it, Murphy ran into C's back tire and took a tumble.  His face was a bloody mess.  And just in case you're wondering - he was wearing a helmet, thank you very much.  This is how he looked that night:

He's been so good about it and he hasn't used his injuries - or his pitiful looking face - to get anything.  I think school today was a little difficult.  He said everyone asked him what happened.  Even people he didn't know.  He said he got so tired of answering the question that he started telling them to ask someone else!  Yikes!  That's not exactly polite.  But, he's 6 and I get his point, too.  And speaking of polite - one girl in his class told classmates as they entered the class this morning to, "Look at Murphy's face!"  Nice.

And Murphy's school photos are next week!  Perfect!

I thought to myself that it's a good thing Harlie isn't at home with a body cast right now.  We would not be looking so good as parents if we went out in public with Murphy's face and Harlie in a body cast!  No one be alarmed!!!  All is good here and our children are safe and well loved!  

Just a side note, Harlie's surgery is one week from today.  Well, six days by the time most people read this.  Hard to believe that it is so close.  And weird to have the "last" whatever for the next 6-8 weeks.  Like this past Thursday was her last therapy day (we'll be in DC for pre-op this coming Thursday).  This Wednesday will be her last day of school.  Friday will be her last day of gymnastics.  Not sure when she'll be ready to return for any of those things.  We'll just have to see how her recovery goes, of course.

Oh, and Baby Sarah got her cast off this weekend.  Harlie spent some time in class today studying her and the cast that was cut apart.

Which reminds me, last Thursday between therapies, we went to Toys R Us to let Harlie pick out her own baby doll.  We are going to give it to the docs when she goes into surgery and have them cast the baby to match Harlie.  I was thinking if she picked it out herself, she might like it as much as she likes Baby Sarah.

Well, Harlie didn't get that she could pick something out and take it home with her.  Even though I think it is wonderful that I have a child that asks for NOTHING materialistic - it still seems sad to me.  It's just so ... unnatural!  Finally, Brandy and I picked a couple babies for her to choose from (and while we were looking in the baby aisle, she walked up carrying a FurReal cat.  Then she left and returned with a FurReal dog.  So, I added a dog to her choices.  I put them all in a row on the bottom shelf and asked her which one she wanted to take home.  And she chose THE DOG!!!

Seriously, people.  This child WANTS a darn dog (language edited since I don't know who's reading my blog - BUT - if you know me well, you know what I want to say).  The dog walks, barks and pants.  He's pretty cute - for a toy.  But, he is NOT the same as a real dog.

And to make things worse - I was talking with someone about my desire for a Pug puppy and she said that she knows someone who breeds them.  She called me today and gave me their info.  And they have one male puppy (8 weeks old) that's still available!  He is there right now, without a home!  And he is oh so cute!  Just see for yourself:

See?  The cutest thing ever, isn't he?  Wouldn't it be totally awesome if my great husband went and got him and surprised us???  Ha.  I wish.  Not going to happen.  But he looks like he would fit so great in my home!  I can just see him now... and I think he needs us!  I can tell.

Okay, it's late and I have to stop thinking of that adorable Pug puppy.  Who won't be mine.  Ours, I mean.  Ours.



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B-Mama said...

Oh Christy, the pup is adorable. I find it so interesting that everyone has something negative to say about pugs. From someone who has owned 3 in my short lifetime, I will say they are the BEST, most family-friendly dogs you'd ever want. Yes, they snort and toot and pant. But if those characteristics singled out a dog, no one would own any breed!! Pugs are seriously great dogs. You have my entire family's vote! :)

Hugs to Murphy and to Harlie, two tough kids. I love that the docs are going to cast the stuffed dog. That's perfect. You're such a great mom!

Susan said...

Poor Murphy. It's tough to be stared at, don't we know.

I'm glad you're planning some special things for Harlie. My heart goes out to you as you count down the days.

Donna said...

OUCH Murphy!!!!
Love that Harlie picked out a dog...fingers crossed you get your deserve it! :)