Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arriving in DC RMH


Here's us getting settled in at the new Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  Tom put all our stuff on this dolly and then we headed to Target.  On our way out Harlie grabbed her backpack and communication device.  So cute.  And as we were returning the dolly, she put her backpack on it.  

Bedtime story... Bear goes to the Hospital (or something like that).  Bear crashed his bike and broke his leg.  He got a cast and went home.  She signed doctor, nurse and better.

As of right now, I don't think the story helped prepare her.  She's a little pissed.  But, she'll get better.  The problem with all the books about casts is that the patient crashes and breaks something.  So there was a cause with pain, and the cast makes it better.  But, in her case, she lived just fine and BAM! she comes to the hospital and is put in pain.  Maybe I should write that kind of book.

More pictures in a bit...

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Tanya said...

Yes, maybe you should write a book! I never found a good hospital book for M. She's not sick. Nothing is broken in the sense of 'it was fine and now it's not'. It's all about improving things that she thinks are just fine the way they are. We need a book about *that*!