Thursday, November 5, 2009

More good news...

We have a date for Harlie's ear tube placement and ABR test!

It is November 20. Which, of course, is a Friday - a day I said I wanted to avoid being in DC. Oh well. When you don't have a choice, you take what you get. I feel lucky that it's this soon. I know that her ENT worked really hard at fitting her in his schedule - and then worked really hard trying to coordinate it with the audiologist performing the ABR test.

I am very anxious to get some concrete answers as far as her hearing goes. It has been frustrating not knowing what she can or cannot understand. Not knowing what your toddler can hear/understand has made parenting her more difficult than I can put into words.

And now that this has been brought to the top of the priority list - we are going to start the process to get her a BAHA for her left side - at least. Her ENT told me that getting her that aid will really open up her world. So, that's what we're going to do.

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick one while I had a sec.

More later!


Janis said...

Good luck with the ABR & BAHA. I think you will see a tremendous difference.

Karin said...

For once, I relish in saying, "I told you so." Alex's bronch, ear tube replacement, and Gtube stoma closure is the 20th as well.

I guess I'll see you in the parent waiting room? Wear a pic of Harlie and I'll wear a pic of Alex so we can recognize each other. (Grin!)

Karin said...

Sorry, Christy, that probably sounded so rude. What I meant to say was I'm excited about maybe getting a chance to see you and that sweet girl, if the stars could possibly align. We'll have to see, I guess. (I think I mentioned that I had a feeling we were going to end up in the hospital at the same time, even though Alex didn't have a date yet.) Maybe that was just in my head!

Susan said...

That's great Christy! I'll be curious to see what changes when she gets the BAHA. I hope it makes a big difference for her. But for now it'll be nice just to have some true answers about her hearing. Yea!

Kim said...

Wow - just googled BAHA - amazing stuff. I'm so glad you're getting good news for a change. Heaven knows it's long overdue!!!