Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap from the weekend

Wow. It's been another packed few days that left me unable to sit at the computer. Here's the quick recap:

Thursday, Aug. 6th - Harlie had a cardiology appointment (with her local cardiologist). He was a bit concerned about some leakage he saw on her echo last month that he had never seen on previous echos. So, they did another one and the leakage was very minor - so not to worry. Great. Because I really don't want to have to worry about that. I'm kinda busy right now.

Tom's sister, Kristie and her husband Dave, and her kids, Nathan and Tayne came to visit. They live in Erie, PA. We had tons of fun and, as usual, it made me wish his family could live closer to us. I consider myself extremely lucky to have such great in-laws that I love!

Friday, Aug. 7th - While Kristie and her family watched our boys (and Brandy and Dawn watched Harlie), Tom and I left town and headed to Virginia Beach for the night. WooHoo!!!! We went with a bunch of friends to see the Dave Matthews Band. It was great because it was 10 years ago that we all (most of the same friends) went to see the DMB right when Tom and I started dating, and before any of us had kids. It was our own little reunion and it was awesome! More on this later...

Saturday, Aug. 8th - We had to come back. And Kristie and I went to the mall with Nathan, Tayne and Murphy, while Tom and Dave hung back to smoke some ribs for dinner.

Sunday, Aug. 9th - We all headed out to the Mattaponi River for the day. Brandy and her boyfriend Joe met us out with his boat and Tom borrowed some jet skis so we would have three total. I really struggled on whether we should take Harlie or not. It's never simple with her. She doesn't do well in the heat or the bright sun (and it was a hot one - high 90s). Plus, I get the feeling that she's coming down with something. She's super junky and she's had a fever on and off for a few days. But, I just couldn't bear the thought of her watching everyone walk out the door just to stay back with me and Cooper. So, I set up a play date for Cooper with a buddy of his (Griffin, who just turned one in June) and dropped him off on our way out.

Harlie did GREAT and LOVED the boat. I think she really dug the wind blowing through her hair. She had ants in her pants and couldn't decide on which seat she liked the best. We took a third car specifically so I could leave early with Harlie whenever she was ready. I ended up leaving around 2ish, so she did well for three hours. The heat was a little much for her when the boat wasn't moving, though.

Today, Monday, Aug. 10th - Kristie, Dave, Nathan and Tayne left (boohoo). And Harlie had a very busy day. She had speech therapy from 9am to 10am and then feeding therapy 11:30 to 12:30. Then I took Murphy to his swimming lessons at 2:30. I also saw Cooper go from a sitting position in the middle of the floor (with nothing around to grab onto) to a standing position. Then he took a few steps. Wow. I specifically remember us working on that very move with Harlie. It took forever to get her to be able to do it on her own. And he just did it. With no help. No theatrics. No praise. He just stood up. Just like that. Crazy.

Tomorrow Harlie has speech therapy again. And I officially begin my training program for my first Half Marathon. I signed up for a training program with Sports Backers. So, we meet every Saturday for our long runs. I am very excited to be able to run with other people. Running alone gets kind of old after a while.

Well, that's all I have time for tonight. More later!


Janis @ SneakPeek said...


Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad Harlie enjoyed the boat. Have you ever looked into a cooling vest for Harlie's heat issues? Austin is the SAME way. He has done so much better now that we have this vest thing going on. You should check it out and see if it helps her.

Grandma said...

You guys sure have a busy schedule! We wil be down in a few weeks and I bet Cooper will be completely walking by then. Harlie is doing so well and seems to like the feeding processs and enjoying the tasting of he foods. Can you puree a piece of birthday cake? Miss you guys whole bunches.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy, you didn't mention how much we loved being there too. Miss you guys a lot and sure wish we were closer to you. Who knows, maybe someday. I miss all of you a bunch already! Love ya!

thanks for everything! Kristie, Dave, Nate and Tayne