Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pulmonary Appointment

Today was the Carytown 10k. The temperature was good for running (60 degrees), but it was raining. That light misty kind of rain. In the materials, the course was described as "flat." Rubbish!

It was definitely NOT flat! And considering I had not been training for a 10k - a hilly 10k at that - I think I did alright. My last 10k time in March was 58 minutes, 18 seconds (an overall pace of 9:22 per mile). I did this 10k in 58 minutes and 45 seconds (an overall pace of 9:29 per mile). All in all, not too bad.

Anyway, to catch you up on last week's events...

Last Monday was Harlie's pulmonary appointment. It was a long one, but worth it. When we got into an exam room a man came in that we didn't know. He was there to do some carbon dioxide exhale test or something. Anyway, he knocked on the door and came in and Harlie walked right up to him and held out her right hand - for him to shake it!!!! Like a grown-up! It was the cutest thing ever! He was so surprised and shook her hand and said that she was the most polite 2-year old he'd ever met. It was hilarious.

Anyway, I went over everything with her doctor and his theory for the repeated pneumonia was something about bacteria that lives on her trach getting into her lungs. He took some secretions to culture and said that he wanted to see what bacteria was growing so he could prescribe an antibiotic to put her on - just in case - up until her surgery. He called on Friday to say that he was prescribing a med to be given through her nebulizer. The pharmacy had to special order it, so it will be here tomorrow. Unfortunately, her neb treatments (she gets two meds already, twice per day) take forever. Now I'll have to give her the two that she normally gets, then after that's done, I'll have to give her the new one.

He also wanted x-rays to compare to her last ones. So, that took forever. We knew the x-ray tech that took her films. Now that's just sad.

Her films looked great. So, he thinks she's healed well from her last pneumonia. Hopefully another three weeks and the neb meds will help keep her that way.

Now it's time to rest my weary legs.



Heather said...

congrats on the 10k. and I agree, the course was definitely NOT flat! so glad to hear there is a good anti-pneumonia plan in place for Miss Harlie! thanks for running with me today! rain and all, I had a great time!

Kim said...

Darn, girls! Talk about running queens... way to go!! I haven't been out in (gasp) two weeks. Needless to say I'm out on the 8k, but let me know the next time you guys sign up for one!

Congrats on all of Harlie's recent accomplishments - I can't believe how many 'firsts' she's had just in the last month!

Here's hoping you get some time to breathe between appointments... how about a night out for a glass (or three) of wine next week? Tues night?

Susan said...

Just hearing you talk makes me tired. Where you find the energy for running that much I just don't know. It's very cool.

Robin said...

Great catching up on all Harlie's progress, especially her eating - Faith tries so much but I can't tell if she really swallows anything. I'm really glad you mentioned the Thick-it because I've been letting her "drink" water straight and I think she keeps inhaling it and coughing it out of her trach.
Is your new neb treatment the Tobi (Tobramycin?) - Faith was on it last year for psuedamonas in her trachea - they said it's pretty common in trached people. It did help a lot but our pulm said the bacteria is never completely eradicated and can flare up again in the future.