Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feeding update

Just in case you're wondering how feeding therapy went yesterday...

it went great. She ate a lot. Her therapist said she did "perfectly." Well, except for the fact that after I put her speaking valve (PMV) on, she coughed, gagged and threw up. But, the therapist said that not counting that - which clearly wouldn't have happened had we not tried the PMV - she did great. She ate about an ounce total, which is wonderful.

Unfortunately, the therapist said that what was happening when I was feeding her was most likely behavioral. Which, quite frankly, pisses me off. There is no one in this world that does more for her than I. Yet, she has to give me this "attitude?" Not fair. Yes, I know it's normal. But still, why??? Anyway, she said that when she pushes me like that, then I have to push her right back. Ugh. Well, no one ever told me that being a mom would be easy. I guess I just have to know that fact a little more intimately.

She's actually done pretty well on the vomiting front. It hasn't been terrible. We've upped the Compleat ratio to half and half. I'm wondering if it might be better to try upping her again (maybe tomorrow) so that she gets more Compleat than Peptamen, Jr. Maybe the heaviness of the Compleat will stay down. Although that theory didn't work when I tried a blenderized. But, maybe I pushed her too fast with that. Ugh. There are SO many different variables and so many different ways to approach it. The over-analyzing has really made my head hurt.

Anyway, on another subject, I'm sick. I think it might be a cold or just congestion. I just hope I can keep her from catching it. Surgery is now just one week away. It's hard to believe it is here. Again. Anyone want to take any bets on if it will actually happen?


Sandy said...

We have our fingers crossed she stays well and everything goes like planned (just for once wouldn't that be nice?).

Susan said...

Hmmm. If the boat's a floatin' I wouldn't rock it. With surgery in ONE week, can that be right? I wouldn't make any switches. Try to take extra precautions with you getting sick you don't want her to catch it. Got masks? Using gloves? Seriously a pain but I know how unhappy you'd be if she gets sick and you have to reschedule again. Hugs. Hope this time it happens.

Oh, and about the feeding. Not sure what she means about it being behavioral. A assume the refusing to eat part? That is typical if there are power struggles and I disagree with the push back theory. Esp. with a strong willed child. I hope you got my e-mail. I'm going to say again I highly recommend that book. Hugs.