Monday, February 23, 2009

Future Son-in-Law

So, I got home after another busy day and checked my e-mail. Now, before I share this message, let me tell you that I have some wonderful neighbors, Cami and Mike. They have two kids, Catie and Cole. Cole is 4 and he is Murphy's best friend. This is the message:

First, just let me tell you I'm sorry your gang has been sick and if you need anything, just let me know.
Now about your future son-in-law, Cole has expressed to us several times that he is going to marry Harlie. He's even figured out the wedding attire. He wants Harlie to wear Catie's flower girl headpiece and he will put on his black coat from Aunt Jenny's wedding and then they can get married. Should we set a date?

That is the cutest thing ever. Brandy noted that Cole attends preschool and out of all the girls he knows, he chose Harlie. Awww! My heart is so warm!!!

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