Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Appointment

So the appointment went pretty well, overall. Dr. Magee agreed that her jaw has receded. Although he said that it could also be that the rest of her face has grown, but her lower jaw didn't grow. He said that we just don't know the growth potential of her jaw. Who's to say that it will have normal growth? Again, it didn't form normally, so who knows?

He explained that her skin was so tight (since it covered a very small jaw) and when he gave her more of a jaw - her skin had to stretch to cover it. With the constant pressure of the skin being tight, the bone eventually gives in to the pressure and recedes. It works the same way as braces on teeth. The constant pressure of the braces move the teeth as the bone gives in.

So, we try again. In August or September. Of course I am trying to keep the beginning of Kindergarten open and free so we can focus on Murphy starting school. So we are going to think about either the beginning of August to do the surgery, or the END of September. We just need to figure out which will be less hard on Murphy. For those of you that have seen the pictures of her after surgery - it was a bit traumatic for everyone. So, will it be better for him to see her like that before or after he starts school? We have a few months to think about it since his surgery schedule doesn't go out that far.

So, I've e-mailed her DC cardiologist with a tentative surgery plan for the year.

Fontan (3rd heart surgery) - Spring (possibly April)
Craniofacial surgery - August or September
Spinal Fusion - Winter

Sounds like a winner of a year!

Well, just a short one today. Talk to you later!

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Rene said...

It's time for her Fontan already??? Oh my goodness! I'm so scared and excited for you.

Tommy's Mom