Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another busy day

You know, I KEEP telling myself that I will NOT over-fill my day with too many appointments! Yet, I continue to do it!!! What is wrong with me???

Well, I know how it happens. At first there's just one appointment. Great. And then there's one appointment on each day. Then, I find out that Harlie needs to have another appointment done by a certain time. And when I go to schedule it, there's two appointments. Fine, I say. I can handle that. Then something else comes up and there's no other day that works for the other party, or me for that matter, and BAM! We have three appointments in one day. And while that might not sound that bad to you, it is. Trust me. It is exhausting. For all of us.

Today Harlie got another RSV shot. I really can't wait till spring when she doesn't have to get anymore. I am hoping this will be her last year. She's had them for three years now. But, no RSV, so that's good. This shot really hurt her. She was anticipating it. She is definitely becoming more aware about what is going on. So, since she was fighting a bit, I guess it hurt more than usual. She cried for about 20 minutes. And she's NEVER done that! But, she's okay now.

Then I had to go and order her next month's food supply. Then I had to rush home to collect Brandy and all the kids to go to see her local cardiologist for an echo (an ultrasound of her heart). She had to have this in preparation for her upcoming heart surgery. I took Murphy with us because he had a VSD (ventricular septal defect - a hole in between the ventricles of the heart) at birth, that closed up on its own. However, before his surgery this summer, the doctor noticed a murmur, so her cardiologist said he would be happy to take a look. He's good, no issues.

I think Harlie having the RSV shot earlier made this appointment much harder. They couldn't get a blood pressure reading because she was too upset. And the echo wasn't any better. He said it is hard to tell because she was crying during most of the echo. And getting the echo doesn't hurt her. It's just an ultrasound on her chest - but she didn't want any parts of it. But that's okay, her heart cath will tell us all we need to know. She needs to have a cath in preparation for her surgery, as well. That should happen in the next few weeks I'm guessing. Then all the info will go to DC for them to see before her surgery.

That's it. Oh! And her head is getting better. It is less swollen now (the worst was yesterday - it was huge!) But now it is black. Nice.

Take care,

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Donna said...

Sorry she (and you for that matter!) had such a rough day - I'd be grumpy too after all that :) Here's to a better day tomorrow!