Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poor Harlie...

Okay, so I had to take another long break. I really can't wait till I have more of a handle on my new life and get settled into a routine. Today was the first day I was able to take Murphy to school since Cooper was born. The mornings are definitely the most difficult. But this morning Tom fed Cooper sometime between 4 and 5am, which allowed me to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. So I was actually able to get out of bed earlier and get started on my day with a little more energy than usual.

So, today Harlie hurt herself yet again. I don't know why she hurts herself so much. I suppose she's just not as stable as a normal 2-year old. She's still a little unsteady on her feet and trying to figure out how to move - whereas a normal kid does all that a little sooner. Back at the beginning of August she fell in the tub and scraped her chin (and yes, I was standing RIGHT there!). Doesn't sound like a big deal does it? But she bled from somewhere inside her mouth (her jaw was wired shut at the time) and she cried for an unusually long time. As it turns out, she most likely loosened the wires in her jaw - ouch!

The other day she fell again in the tub and made her nose bleed. Again, I was standing RIGHT there with the towel, reaching for her, when she fell. Ugh.

Then a few days ago, she was on the steps (and I was standing right behind her) when she slipped and hit her face on the gate. Even though I was watching her, I still don't understand how she bruised her cheek. And yesterday she scraped her other cheek.

And today was the kicker. She was climbing up the stairs at the end of our bed (something she has done without any problem hundreds of times) and slipped and fell off and completely busted her bottom lip. I am assuming she bit it with her upper teeth. It is ugly. Well, here, see for yourself... Here's Harlie on a bad day...

It amazes me how quickly Harlie recovers from something. She didn't really cry that long after the accident and never complained after that. I know it has to hurt. But she doesn't show it.
Well, I am having a very difficult time keeping my eyes open so I better go. I have more to write about (Tom's sister got married on Saturday) but I can't write anymore tonight. I hope you are all well!
Take care,


Grandma said...

That poor little angel...why do kids always hurt their faces first? She still is and always be a beautiful little girl..boo boo's always heal!

Donna said...

Poor Harlie is right! :( Try to look on the bright side - her "injuries" are from WALKING!! :)

Kim said...

She's such a trooper. That looks like it has to hurt.

Here's hoping you can get some sleep soon!

Libby Walker said...

oh my goodness. I am coming over to wrap that girl up in bubble wrap!!!!! Poor baby

Rene said...

Poor Girl! Even all scraped up, she still has a precious little smile. I'd mention her instability next time she has an appointment with her pediatrician. Probably nothing, but we never know with our kids, do we?

Praying for no more boo-boos.

Heart Hugs!!
Tommy's mom