Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cooper's appointment

Well, today we had Cooper's urology appointment for his circumcision. After what we experienced with Murphy, we wanted to make sure this one was done right. When I called them a few weeks ago, I thought they would think I was crazy for taking him to a urologist for this. But, as it turns out, we aren't the only ones who have had a bad experience with the OB performing the job. In fact, they had 4 on the schedule today alone. Who knew? I guess the theory is that OBs don't see how their work looks later on. They do it, and never see the baby again. We did talk to my OB about it before Cooper was discharged. I told her about Murphy (she didn't do his - she was on vacation). She said she felt like she could do a good job, but didn't want to chance it. She said she would rather me blame the specialist than her.

Anyway, I loved the surgeon. It was Dr. Winslow with Children's Urology. He was great, funny and very caring. They put this numbing cream on it for an hour before the procedure. Then he gave him some numbing shots (he said the needle was like a mosquito bite - so as painless as possible). Cooper barely cried during the shots. As far as the actual procedure goes, Cooper didn't cry at all. They put some sugar water next to him for me to dip his pacifier in. Dr. Winslow said that he would focus on the sugar water more than what was happening to his stuff. Seemed to work, because Cooper didn't look at all bothered.

Then after it was all done, Dr. Winslow picked Cooper up, held him and talked to him. It was really cute. There aren't that many docs out there that do that. So far, I have to say that I feel very lucky to have the great doctors that we have for our kids.

So, we go back in two weeks for a follow up. And that's that. Really, a good experience for me and for him (well, as good as it could be I suppose).

Well, that's all I have time for tonight. I really do have so much more to write about. Hopefully, I'll find some time soon.

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grandma said...

Hurry and get that boo boo healed little Cooper...Harlie and Murphy need to play with their brother. Yes, Christy, you have been very lucky with all the gives you alot of faith in the medical world...It just makes you feel great that they really do care.