Sunday, October 12, 2008

One of my favorite pics

Here is one of my favorite pics of Harlie.

It was taken the night before her 2nd birthday. I love it because it is such a toddler photo. Harlie's just being silly, like a little kid should be. Brandy made that face to her to try to get her to stick out her tongue. And now she does it right back (although she doesn't stick out her tongue). But maybe she will one day. Crazier things have happened...

Here are a couple more from that night. She looks like such a big girl!

Take care,


grandma said...

she just gets more precious and grown up eveyday...such a little toddler. she is getting that mischevious glint in her eyes...welcome to two!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those curls!!!!! And Murphy is just growing up into a young man, isn't he. Precious brood you have there. -Suzanne

Rene said...

I love the new pictures and OMGosh, the curls on that girl! What a little cutie pie.

Heart Hugs!