Monday, December 11, 2006

Eye Update

Today we went to see Harlie’s eye doctor and eye surgeon. They said that her eye is looking good. It has definitely improved over the last month. She is now able to close it when she cries and yawns. Sometimes it is even closed when she’s sleeping (most of the time it is open when she is really relaxed). The doctor’s concern is exposure and her inability to protect her eye all the time. But so far, so good – no scratches or anything. So, we’ll just continue to put ointment in it and let her grow and see what she can do in time.

The eye surgeon said he will have to remove her dermoid (a growth on her eyeball). He thinks that the dermoid is preventing her bottom lid from coming up. He will close the opening to try to make it even with her other eye, but he will not repair the cleft in her eye lid. He said that could do more harm than good at this point. The best part is that they don’t need to see her again until February. Hopefully, her doctor appointments will start to spread out a little more (this week she has 4 appointments).

We’ve been doing the slow continuous feedings through the night for almost a week now. Overall I think it has been going okay. As much as I hate getting further away from “normal”, we are really appreciating being able to get more sleep. Now I only have to get up once to refill the bag, and to pump (and then suction her as needed throughout the night). Hopefully it is working and putting more weight on her. We’ll find out on Thursday. On Wednesday, the occupational and physical therapists are coming out to see her. I’m anxious to see what they will say and do. Well, that’s it for tonight. Thank you to all the visitors we had last week. It was really great to see you all!

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