Saturday, November 15, 2014

Richmond Marathon

For those of you not on Facebook, I could not run the Richmond Marathon as planned.  Almost three weeks ago (just a few days after my last 20 miler) I got sick.  I wasn't too worried at the time, because it was taper time - and I still had three weeks till marathon day.  This sickness went straight to my lungs and stayed there. After a week, when I felt like I was actually getting worse, I went to the doctor.   She put me on Prednisone and some inhalers.  After two days, I still didn't feel better.  So, she called in some antibiotics for me.  But, by then, I knew it was too late.

I would have had to get better, and run a little before marathon day.  And I knew these lungs would need more time.  Just walking up the stairs would send me into a coughing fit.  And it always felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.  I felt horrible.  I have finally got some energy back (not 100% yet) but my cough is still hanging on.

I was crushed when I realized that I wasn't going to be able to run.  I had many battles in my head. And there was so much of me that wanted to ignore what was wrong and run it anyway.  But, when you're the mom, you can't always lay it on the line and give it all you've got.  You have to save some for later (we have a Disney trip coming up after all!).

So, I called it.  After training since May/June, the marathon was not to be.  In the past eight years, I've learned how to deal with disappointment.  And sometimes things have a way of working out.  You just have to give it time.

Just a couple of days after realizing I wouldn't be running, Tom found the Charleston Marathon in SC.  It's January 17th.  A Saturday.  And it's perfect!  It allows me to still capitalize on my training without having to start over.  And we LOVE Charleston (we have both lived there twice), it's not too cold there and I would love to seize the opportunity to run a marathon in another state.  I always thought it would just be too difficult to work out the logistics.

So, I've registered, and the hotel and dinner reservations have been made!  Some friends are going with us and I am SO excited!  The only negatives are that I will have to continue to train for two more months.  And I thought marathon training was too long before!  And I'll have to train in the cold (which I HATE) and through our Disney vacation and Christmas holidays, which is a total downer.  I'll have to do another 20 mile run without the support of the marathon training team.  But, my friend Bethany is going to run the marathon, too, so we can train together.  And we are so lucky to have such an amazing group of running friends - they've assured me that they will help us with water stops and support. How awesome is all that?

I'm so thrilled!  And after the marathon, they serve free shrimp and grits and beer!  Love it!

If I hadn't gotten sick, I would *hopefully* be close to finishing the marathon right now (in the freezing cold front that just hit Richmond). Instead, I am sitting at home in my pajamas, rolling with the punches.

And Harlie caught what I had/have.  She's miserable and back on oxygen 24/7.  We took her to the doctor yesterday and he put her on antibiotics.  Hopefully, she'll kick it faster than I did.  And if you can believe it - this is the first time she's been sick in 2014.  So, we had a good run.  And, with any luck, she'll be well enough to go meet her new cousin in Pittsburgh next weekend and we'll all be healthy by Disney.

More soon!
~Christy xo

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