Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second Stage BAHA surgery done.

So much to tell, so little time....

First, I have been unable to blog because I hurt my back.  I didn't do anything really.  It just gradually started to hurt, would get better, then worse, etc.  This has lasted about two to three weeks.  It's my lower back.  Last weekend (not this past weekend) I ran 12 miles and it was fine.  The next several days, it was fine.  But, after sitting at school with Harlie on Thursday, the pain returned - in full force.  By the end of the school day, I could barely move.  And that's no joke.  I was hurting.

Friday morning, I went to see my doc.  I got there at 8:40am.  After being in the car for just 15 minutes, I could barely get out and walk across the parking lot.  I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot.  I got to the door and realized they weren't open yet.  They open at 9am on Fridays.  Ugh!  There was no way I was walking back to the car - or sitting for another 20 minutes and then walking back to the office again.  So I stood there, by the door in the cold rain.  Yes, I hurt that bad.  Seriously close to tears.

He gave me a steroid (anti-inflammatory), pain killers and muscle relaxers.  Ahhh.  I left there and went to see my chiropractor and got some adjustments.  Fridays are crazy and I have to spend a lot of time in the car running around.  The thought of staying in that sitting position for the next few hours was agony.  So, I called my niece Maggie and she came over to my house, and took my car to go and get Harlie and Terri from school to take them to speech therapy.  She dropped them off there, and went to pick up the boys from preschool.  Then she took James home.  Then she went back to speech therapy to pick Harlie and Terri up and bring them back home.  Whew!  But what help!

Her doing all that for me, allowed me to lay down and take some meds.  So thankful!

So, since then I have tried to be walking or laying down, because sitting is the most uncomfortable.  Today is Tuesday, and it is much better - but still not 100%.  I've been very careful to make sure I'm lifting properly and not doing any twisting and lifting at the same time.

That is why I haven't been able to blog.  Sitting is the worst, so I've had very little computer time.  And plus, the meds made me not really feel like writing anyway.  And since I've not been doing ANY exercise, and I'm on steroids - I've gained a few pounds.  So, that's awesome.  And I am supposed to run a half marathon on Saturday.  So, we'll see how things go this week.  I might try to run a little tomorrow to see how I feel.

Anyway, on to Harlie...

Today Harlie had her second stage BAHA surgery.  I always struggle with how, when and what to tell Harlie to prep her for surgery.  I know I should tell her - but it is VERY difficult to know how to handle it when I get no feedback (questions) from her to help guide me.  I decided not to tell her the night before.  I mean, isn't it cruel to tell her right before bed?  So, I told her in the morning.  I have no idea what she got from the "conversation."  But, apparently it was enough, because she didn't cry once.  Not once.  And she was actually in a good, silly mood at the hospital.  They gave her Versed anyway to help her with the hand-off from me to them.  I'm thinking it might have actually been unnecessary, but I guess it doesn't hurt to give it.

Here are some pics from last night (Monday night)...

They are really cracking me up.

So silly.
And today...

After Versed

After surgery

Tonight, totally happy and fine.  
The doc said Harlie did great and that everything went perfectly.  She's the only doc that ever gets to use that word - perfect.  The abutement went on just fine.  And we have to see her in a week for her to check on it.  Then in four weeks from today to see how it's doing.  She said we can see how it's doing in four to six weeks (wouldn't it be awesome if we only had to wait four weeks to use it?!).  In the meantime, we're not sure if she can wear her softband hearing aid because it will most likely rub against the area.  I can't risk that, so she'll probably have to live without it for a while.  I have to think long term here.

Her doc also cleaned out her right ear canal.  Because her canal is still so tiny and it always has a hearing aid in it, she has a problem with wax build up.  And when wax builds up, it blocks her hearing and makes her think the aid isn't working.  She's been telling me it wasn't working a lot lately, when it is working.  Total bummer.  Especially since I can't clean it out myself.  And she really needs to be asleep (like under anesthesia).  So, we're going to try putting drops in her ear two times a week from here on out.  We've tried several different drop schedules, but maybe this one will work better.

She also had a cyst on her left upper arm.  It's been there for a couple of months.  And she would not allow anyone to look at it.  Hard to believe she can call so many shots around here, but it's true.  So, she opened it up and cleaned it out.  Awesome timing because she said that no way would Harlie have been able to tolerate that in the office.  Whew!  I'm glad that's taken care of.

Pushing Harlie out of the hospital with that dressing was not fun.  I know it's no big deal, but to other people who have no idea what happened - it looks like a bigger deal.  So, as I'm pushing her I can see everyone look at her, and then look up at me.  And I hate it.  I understand it.  But, I still hate it.  I try not to make eye contact with anyone and I act like I don't notice the stares.  And even though I am a completely happy person, who is happy to be taking her home, knowing she is completely FINE, it still makes me want to cry.  Weird.

But after we got to the car, it went away.  And we went on our merry way.

And then the phone calls began.  OMG.  No joke.  I was on the phone from the second we left the hospital (around 1pm) till Tom got home (around 6pm).  It was awful.  You might remember me mentioning that I've been having nursing issues?  Well, they all came to a head today.  My issues have been with the company that was providing my nursing - not with the nurses themselves.  It's WAY too long of a story for tonight.  I will have to write about it later.  Just know for now that I'm happy to not have to deal with that company anymore.  I had to terminate our relationship earlier than I would have liked, but it had to be done.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  They have been so unprofessional and awful in the past few months.  I was done.

Quite frankly, it pisses me off that I had to deal with that crap today, when I should have been able to focus on pampering my sweet Harlie post-op.  I hate them.

But, thinking positively, I am excited to be working with an organization that seems to be much more professional and organized.  And I'm SUPER excited to have my respite hours again!  Woohoo!!! Now that is reason to celebrate!

I have way more to tell you, but it was a long day, and I need to get to bed.  Thank you so much for thinking of us today!  This one is really exciting for me to think about.  Right now Harlie cannot hear the difference between the sound G makes and the sound D makes.  If you notice your mouth when you make the sounds "ga" and "da" there is no visual difference for Harlie to see.  It's the same with the sounds B and P make, "ba" and "pa".  I'm probably not writing the sounds correctly, but I hope you can still see what I mean.  This is a HUGE negative and challenge for her while trying to learn to read and write.  I am SO hopeful that the BAHA will make a difference here.  So, keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks again for all your support!

Much love,
Christy xo


Susan said...

Wait a minute did you just say you think you're going to RUN?! Even though you've recently been barely able to sit? Christy give your body a break. You look great and if you've gained a few pounds I'm sure you're still thin and hotter than most of us moms. Oddly I've been having back pain too lately. I think it started from too much sitting at the computer. Also OUAT, Steve got super bad sciatica from sitting in a bad chair at a bar once, and it lasted a really long time. (Though he had a ruptured disk.) So be careful about sitting in bad chairs at Harlie's school for long periods. I hope your back is fully healed very soon. But please be careful.

It's awesome that Harlie's had the last BAHA surgery. I'm so glad to hear that after talking to her she did fine, and maybe didn't even need the Versed. What a nice change, huh?! I know what you mean about the post surgery stares. (She really looks great though.) I stinks to be in the situations that cause those kinds of feelings, but nice they don't last as long as they did years ago.

I'm glad to hear you got the nursing thing solved. That's a weight off!


B-Mama said...

As usual, you all impress me so! That Harlie took this like a champ is awesome. She is such a tough lady. I love seeing her smile with her big head bandage, pretty dress, and bow. Total champ.

Also big congrats on resolving the nursing issue and having the confidence to strike out with a new company and not take other people's poor treatment. Bravo!!