Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random stuff.

I'm at school with Harlie again today.  I've been meaning to post some random pics for a while, so here they are...

I love this picture of Cooper and Harlie.  Although I'm not a fan of Cooper's outfit (he can now dress himself and likes to pick out his own clothes, obviously).  But I think it's hysterical that he has his arm around Harlie.  I know other siblings do that for pictures - but mine aren't very touchy like that with each other.  And I think it's funny that they are exactly the same size, even though they are two years apart in age.  Plus, the look on Cooper's face cracks me up.  The fairy wings and horn-rimmed sunglasses that Harlie's sporting is pretty funny, too.

Cooper and Harlie in the backyard.

Back in November I took this picture of most of the EOBs (explanation of benefits) we received from our insurance company in 2012.  These are just for Harlie, by the way.  Some I threw away because I just didn't feel like getting the book down (as you can see, it was getting pretty heavy).  I should have taken a picture like this each year to see which year produced the most EOBs.  You know, just for kicks.  I should probably go electronic, but I'm afraid my computer would blow up.  My email is already OUT OF CONTROL.

Tuesday was Rooney's first birthday!  I have become such a dork when it comes to that dog.  Anyway, here are some random, fairly recent, pics of him...

Rooney working hard.
I think I might have already posted this one...  but I just think it is so funny.  And so typical for an always hungry little pug.  And for the record, we NEVER feed him people food (except for baby carrots, which he loves).

So, I'm at school with Harlie and I had to miss Murphy's harmonica concert at school this morning.  That stinks.  But, luckily he understood.  We were all in the kitchen this morning (which is such a crazy place, usually) and I was dressed ready to go to school with Harlie.  Murphy looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't understand your pants.  Why do they have a crack in them?"  I said, "Because it's a skirt, Murphy."

He has really been cracking me up lately.

Okay, so my connection here is very spotty and it's taken me forever to type this.  So, before I lose connection again, I'm posting.  More later!

~Christy xo

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Susan said...

I'm glad that at least the lack of nursing is giving you some blogging time. That picture of Cooper kind of looks like Tom. Really.

And the electronic EOB's. I tried that, but they don't e-mail the EOB only a link. I don't have time for all those extra steps so I went back to paper so I can actually review them. Since I caught that $60,000 overbilling or whatever it was I now want to review them even though it's not my money. The insurance companies should realize that if they are electronic but we have to log in to see them we are NEVER going to look at them.