Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post-op Day 5

Good news!!! The Lasix was key and within an hour or so Harlie peed a ton, and was coughing way less. And she (and I) got a good night's sleep. I've been staying the nights. More on that in a sec.

They are still going to wait till tomorrow for the OR. Which is fine by us. No sense in being risky now. And I spoke with Harlie's ENT from home who did the BAHA surgery. She said that if we were home, she would drain it and put a drain tube in to keep it from accumulating again. It's a hematoma, by the way. I don't know how long the tube will stay in, but that might be what keeps us here longer. Bummer. But, I feel SO much better now that we talked and I know how she feels. So I'm totally on board with the plan and it is nice to not be stressed about it anymore. Woo hoo!

And for more good news... Remember when I said that Harlie wouldn't even let us touch her in a nice way? Well take a look at this...

That's her hand in mine!!! I felt so honored! And loved! And then, a few minutes later I got this out of her...

A smile!!! Can you believe it? She was laughing at me wearing my "powered by optimism" Life is Good hat. I don't know why she found that so funny, but who cares?!

Thrilling moments here in Boston! Seriously!!! If I had my computer I would have gotten rid of her red eyes, but, I'm doing the best I can with the technology I have available.

So, back to our logistics here...

Tom and I have our little routine worked out. I stay the nights - the bed is small and terribly uncomfortable - and it would only be worse for him. He stays till after dinner then rides a bike back to the hotel. They have these bike stations here that you rent a bike from one station and you can return it at any station. They have stations all over. It's called Hubway. And conveniently enough, there is a station right by the hospital and right by the hotel.

Then he gets up early and works out at the hotel gym and then rides a bike back to the hospital. Then I go for a run, heading back to the hotel. There is this park called The Emerald Necklace.

It's so nice and peaceful. I just love it! And it's on the way to the hotel from the hospital.

After I run a loop or two at the park, I run on to the hotel, shower, change and then walk back to the hospital (it's .9 miles). Although yesterday I took the shuttle because it was raining. It has been working out great for both of us to get out of the room and do what we like. I've been able to run more here than at home! Well, the weather is awesome, so that helps. And I think I'm so grateful to be out that I have been having great runs.

After a while of sitting in the room, it gets old. So one of us will go take a walk or something. It is so much better having Tom here.

If all goes well, maybe we'll get to come home this weekend. I think at this point, it is up to her lungs (to continue to improve) and the ENT docs, as far as how long that drain line needs to stay in.

That's it for now! Thank you so much for continuing to support us! We are so lucky and blessed to have such an awesome group of family and friends. We just couldn't do it without you!!!

Much love,

Christy xoxo



Lisa B said...

The lasix must have done the job. I'm glad she's feeling quite a bit better and has forgiven you. Have you tried to clean her mouth yet? Or is that still a step too far?

I hope she gets out this weekend. You're a good mama, Christy, even if it feels like you're not sometimes.

Sending you all hugs and "speedy recovery" vibes.

Lisa B

B-Mama said...

She looks fantastic!! Love, love, love this post! Hooray Harlie! xox So happy things are looking up!!

grandma said...

so happy for you...she just looks so wonderful...i have never seen her be so happy after such a traumatic surgery....wondeful, awesome news!!

Anonymous said...

Reader from Indiana here who has been following your story--that second picture with Harlie smiling is just adorable--she is a remarkable girl. Will be keeping her and your whole family in my prayers.

Susan said...

That's really sweet Christy.

I'm so glad the Lasix worked and she's feeling better. She sure looks great. I hope things go well in surgery. Happy. But also like she's healing well. The swelling in her eye seems better. I look forward to seeing a closeup of it.

It's great you all have had a pretty good experience this time. Life is going to feel good when this is behind you.

vtkthies said...

Love that smile! Glad she's doing better today.