Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy week

Today Rooney got neutered.  Poor little guy.  He's been gone all day and it's been so weird.  I miss him!  I get to pick him up in an hour.

Harlie came home from summer school today (it was her last day) and she asked where Rooney was.  I told her that he was in the animal hospital because he had to have surgery (I wanted to use words that she might know and relate to) and you should have seen her little face!  She was so sad!  And she just put her head down, started to cry and walked away.  I told her that he will be fine and that he'll be home tonight.  I am going to take her with me to pick him up.  I'm hoping that she will think she's not the only one who has to go through that kind of stuff.

Tomorrow Harlie will have surgery for a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA).  I know, I haven't gotten a chance to blog about this topic in so long.  You might remember that I met with her local ENT about it back in June.  Well, I decided to go on ahead and do it.  I've run it through my head thousands of times.  Here are my main reasons for going ahead with it now instead of waiting...

1.  It takes 6-8 months from the first surgery until it can be used and benefits from it can happen.
2.  I think it will be much less traumatic for Harlie to have the smaller, out patient surgery first - before the big one in Boston.  I don't want her to have to go back under after such a big surgery - for all she knows it's another big one.  I can see that being much more stressful for her.
3.  Between all the follow-up appointments in Boston, her normal appointments, therapy, school, etc. I don't see how I would fit it in anyway.

It just has to happen now, and get it out of the way.  Done.  I'm sick of thinking about it.

So, we're doing it here (not in DC) and I feel comfortable with that decision.  Of course I get the call a few hours ago that I have to have her there at 6:30am.  And then I get a call from the doctor's office that she still hasn't received pre-authorization from our insurance company for the procedure.  She's been trying to get it since the end of June!  And when I think of how much we are paying for that insurance... grrrrr!  So, now I am hoping that she got the authorization so that when we get there everything will be okay and I won't have to deal with issues later.

And just to complicate matters a little - I scheduled an appointment with Cooper's eye doctor like six months ago (she is booked for months and months!) for tomorrow morning.  He has Duane's Syndrome and his eyes have been doing some weird things.  Of course, when I scheduled it - the BAHA thing wasn't on the books yet.  And then when I got the date for the surgery, it was the only one I could do.  So, it's not the ideal situation.  Because now Tom has to take Cooper. I am not rescheduling it to have to wait another six months!  But, Tom is full swing into the Ronald McDonald House renovation.  So, it's not ideal for him to be away from work.

Luckily, Murphy has a play date, so that worked out great!

So, definitely not my ideal week to have Rooney neutered, Harlie have surgery (her 29th, I think?) and have a doctor's appointment for Cooper.  But, sometimes that's just the way it works.

Okay, gotta go and get Rooney! More later!


Grandma said...

Praying all goes well for Harlie tommorrow...and cooper has a great check up. AND ROONEY...well that he forgives you...

Ann said...

Good luck with Harlie's surgery tomorrow. Your theory for having this surgery before the big surgery makes a lot of sense.

I love that Harlie felt sad for Rooney. Melts my heart.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update- what a crazy busy week you all are having. Good luck with everything.
XOXO Marcy