Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still sick...

Harlie is home again from school.  Had another fever last night.  On oxygen again last night (every night since Thursday).  I don't know what is up with her, but I am so over it.  I just want her to be well again.  I might have to take her to MCV and have them do some blood work.  I feel like we're missing something.

I talked to the girl from Boston Children's yesterday.  I'll update on that later on today.



Susan said...

Oh Christy I'm sorry to hear that! Hope she's better soon. Hugs.

Sue Mitchell said...

My daughter lives in Boston and has been checking for a place for you to stay when you go. Try this webi site she found for families of Children's hospital patients:
http://www.yawkeyfamilyinn.org. I hope this helps - haven't checked it out myself (been in Seattle to see my son.)Good luck

Christy said...

I'll check that out. Thanks for thinking of us Sue!