Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick and Schedules

Hi All!  A few updates for you...

Most recent first - I have been coughing terribly the last few days.  As my wonderfully, caring husband said to me last night, "Do you know how annoying it is to hear you coughing all night?"  Yes, Sweetheart, I feel the love.  Not.

So, after I dropped Harlie and Terri off at school this morning, Cooper and I went straight to my doc's office.  He had a very intense look of concern on his face as they were taking my vitals.  He's never seen me go to the doctor.  Funny.  So, I took advantage of the situation and told him he better good or else!  No, I didn't.  I just hugged him and told him it was okay.

And it turns out I have a sinus infection, the beginnings of an ear infection and pneumonia.  YAY me!  I knew I felt like crap!  So he gave me a script for antibiotics and sent us on our merry way.  Total time I was in there?  27 minutes.  Not bad.  I then canceled Harlie's therapies for today.  I just can't do it today.

So, the other night I had this dream that I was being hunted by the police.  I wasn't as concerned about being arrested as I was about registering my kids for summer camps.  I kept evading capture thinking that they would realize after my arrest that I was innocent - but by then it would be too late to register them.  So, I just HAD to register them first, then I could stop running and all would eventually be well.

Yes, I did watch a Dateline earlier that day about a guy that spent 22 years in jail before they realized they convicted the wrong guy.

After I woke up and took the puppy out, I came back in and looked at the summer blast registration dates and CRAP, I missed it!  It was SATURDAY.  Damn it!  Summer blast at Murphy's school goes FAST and it was surely full.  It's a free program with our county and Murphy can go to his school for fun stuff from 8:30-2:30, Monday through Thursday in the summer.  Free!!!  And he loves it and wanted to go back again this summer.

But, I missed registration.  And it was full.  Ugh.  I wanted to cry!  How could I let this happen?

Okay, so I have been having some problems with my calendar and deadlines and stuff lately.  Okay, not lately.  Always.  But, it's been way worse, lately.  For example:

I have to order Harlie's medical supplies once a month.  Last week, I knew I had to place my order.  Our delivery day is Friday, so I have to place it by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.  Well, we went to DC on Wednesday, and I was at school all day and then therapies with Harlie on Thursday.  Which meant I should have done it on Tuesday.  But, I didn't.

Normally, this isn't THAT big of a deal, because I try to keep extra supplies on hand just in case they are backordered or something.  But, I'm tired of all the storage issues.  So, I wanted to use up what I had before I ordered more.  Luckily (said very sarcastically) we were running dangerously low on her formula (her main source of nutrition), suction catheters (what we use to suction her trach) and trachs.  In fact, we just used her last trach on Sunday night for her weekly trach change, so nothing too important.  I still have one in her  emergency bag - but that should really stay in the emergency bag.  You know, for emergencies.

So I called first thing on Monday.  I was hoping that they would make an exception and deliver them early.  But no.  So, I had to drive to their office to pick up the supplies on Tuesday.

And, I missed the deadline to order Harlie's Field Day shirt at her school.  That deadline was last Tuesday.  She went to school on Monday.  But that was the night that she ran a fever and so she didn't go to school on Tuesday.  Then we were in DC on Wednesday.  I called the office from the car to ask when the real deadline was and she said 4pm that day.  But, we weren't back by then.  So, I missed it.

I almost missed being able to order Murphy's Field Day shirt at his school.  I noticed that the day after the deadline.  I called the company and asked if they could still sneak my order through.  Which they did, thankfully.  I don't care as much about Harlie not having a shirt because I don't think she cares as much.  She pretty much marches to her own beat (or at least it seems that way).  But, I think Murphy would definitely care if he was the only one without a shirt.

And I am the worst RSVP'er ever.

So, clearly I am having calendar issues.  I think my ultimate problem is that I find my calendar and schedule quite intimidating.  And for years, it has been difficult to make a commitment ahead of time.   Harlie would get sick, go into the hospital or surgery would get scheduled, etc.  So, like for her Field Day shirt - will she even be there that day?  She's already missed weeks and weeks of school.  Who knows?

The other problem is I have a hard time actually getting stuff ON my calendar.  Like Summer Blast, for instance.  That booklet was right next to my computer - ready and waiting for me to look at it more closely, and then actually add it to my freaking calendar.

I wallowed for a day or two and wanted to kick myself up and down.  Oh, I'm good at beating myself up, that's for sure.  Then I went to put him on the wait list, just in case a few people changed their minds about Summer Blast.  In the process, I saw that Harlie's school has plenty of open slots for Summer Blast there.  It just so happens that her school and our pool are in the same area and have a lot of the same people.  So maybe he'll know some people from the pool, or, maybe he'll meet some people  that go to our pool while there.  So, I signed him up there.  And he seemed happy about that.  Whew!

The real bonus is that I'll STILL get to drive to that school two times a day - even in the summer!  Ugh.   But, it will be worth it if he likes it.

So, I need to make some changes.  I need to take the time to put stuff on my calendar (duh).   And I need to take the time to set up reminders and alerts for some things.  And lastly, I need to actually look at my calendar on a more regular basis.  I'm thinking I'll have to start printing it out at the beginning of each week and putting it up on a wall so we can't miss it.  Maybe use some highlighting where necessary.  Ugh.

Another thing I need to do is use just one place for my To Do list/notes, etc.  I'm a freaking genius, aren't I?  I have shit written down all over the place.  Sometimes I use the back of an envelope that came in the mail that day - which, of course, I never see again, so that's helpful.

One thing I already started is to take care of the things in the kid's folders as soon as I see it.  Like, field trip permission slips and checks and stuff like that.  This week both kids brought home stuff about field trips and I took care of the paperwork right then and stuck it back in their folders.  Done.  Then I patted myself on the back for a job well done.  Now I just need to tackle my inbox.  Eh, I'll do that tomorrow. I feel too crummy right now to do it.

So, you might remember me mentioning how both Harlie and Cooper were sick during Spring Break.  Well, I ended up taking them to the pediatrician on Friday of that week.  They both had been sick for more than a week, it was time.  They got on the scale.  And it's official - Cooper weighs more than Harlie.  She weighs 33 pounds and Cooper weighs 34.  Just an inch more and Cooper will be taller than her, too.

Okay, I'm signing off.  I have much more to tell you about.  Some exciting stuff! But, I'll have to do it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Ann said...

You just need your own personal assistant. Get Tom working on that, okay?

Feel better soon.

Susan said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I know I struggle with planning. I have good periods and bad periods. The key is to find a system that works and stick with it, which is of course easier said than done with the amount you have going on. I'm going to e-mail you something....

Christamae said...

mommy syndrome-overworked and underappreciated. I hope you feel less frazzled.