Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Rooney's fault.

If anyone is curious... yes.  Having a puppy is VERY time consuming.  But, it's worth it.  Rooney's absolutely wonderful.  Really.  And even when my eyes feel like sandpaper, I can't help but smile when he looks up at me with his big, sweet eyes.

So, it's his fault that I haven't been able to blog in over a week.

He's done great, really.  His first night home was WAY better than I expected.  He slept soundly without one whine or cry.  But, as most dog owners who have crate trained a puppy could have probably predicted, the second night was pure hell.  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't think, OH, WHAT HAVE I DONE!? several times throughout the night.

He cried all night long.  I took him out to pee, no good.  I gave him a shirt of mine that I had worn recently, no good.  He wanted to play or love, and anything else wasn't going to do.  So, I put his crate in our bathroom and shut the door.  But we could still hear him, loud and clear.  Then I put his crate next to my side of the bed and I put my fingers through to touch him.  That worked.  Ahhhh.....

He slept for maybe 30 minutes, max.  And was up crying again at 1:40am.  I took him outside for the 3rd time, and he promptly peed.  Oh, thank goodness!  I put him back in his crate, by my side of the bed and he was quiet.  Whew!  I closed my eyes and was so thankful.  And after 3 blissful seconds, Cooper's door opened and I heard, "MOMMY!"

Crap.  Someone kill me.

I pried my eyes opened and found Cooper wet - from a leaky diaper.  And of course the bed was wet, too.  So I had to change the bed and Cooper's pjs.  I thought I was going to cry.  All I could think about was don't wake the dog!!  It really was an awful night.

But, that was it.  Every night since then has gone really well, with him sleeping soundly and no crying at all.  He really is a very good dog, so far.  He plays hard and sleeps a lot.  And everyone in the family is bonding with him...

Yes, this pup gets lots of love!

Last Monday I took him to his first vet appointment.  Everyone who worked there had to love on him, too.  All went well for his first check up.  He didn't need shots that day because the breeder got him his first round before we got him.  Today we go back for his second round of shots.  The vet said that we could take him outside - just no dog parks or anything like that.  So, we've started house training (or breaking?) in full force.  I watch him like a hawk inside the house.  And 9 times out of 10, he goes outside.  It's always that one time I look away to put something in the dishwasher.  Crate training definitely helps with that.

I've got a lot more to write, but am going to sign off for now.  We're having a lazy day today I think, so hopefully I'll be able to write more later.



grandma said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words...what a happy family!!

Susan said...

SO cute! He's going to be a great addition to your family!