Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meet Rooney!

Saturday was the BIG day!  We got to go get Rooney, our Pug puppy!

I took this one this morning with my cell phone.
In the car, on the way home.

Just in case you're curious where the name came from, the Rooney family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I thought it was cute and it brings in something Tom loves.  And most importantly, Harlie can say it.  That was really important.  There were a few names I liked (before I came up with Rooney at the last minute) but Harlie couldn't say them.  And I think every time Harlie says it, she says it more clearly.  She can say all the sounds, except for the "n" sound.  So maybe she will soon be able to say it now that she has more motivation.

When we first got there, we checked out all the Pugs.

Rooney's mom is the one on the right.

I think that's his mom on the right.  She's so tiny!

Harlie wasn't scared at all.
I was dying to see him!  The picture I had of him was when he was like two weeks old.  He's exactly eight weeks old today (April 1st).  So, I knew he looked different.  I had thought about asking the breeder to send me a recent picture of him.  But, then I kind of wanted to be surprised.  So, I didn't.

Oh, he was EVERYTHING I wanted!!!  I asked the breeder if we could take him out on the grass, but she said he shouldn't go outside until he's 12 weeks old, and had all his shots!  Wow.  That's going to change how/when I house train him, huh?

Here's all of us as we were leaving with our sweet pup, Rooney.  Notice Harlie's shirt.  I bought that for her back in the fall when I was campaigning to get Rooney.

And Tom thought she would be scared...

Ahhh, just what I pictured in my mind!

He loves Murphy.
After we played with him for a little while, I gave him his first bath.  Who couldn't LOVE his little face?

Sweet Puppy!
It's hard to believe it, but he was even SOFTER and MORE cuddly after his bath!

This Mama is a happy Mama.

So much playing!
And then he was tired.  It was a big day, after all.

Harlie went to close the door, and she gently picked up his tail, put it in the crate for him, then shut it.  It was so cute!

Harlie was dying to put him in his crate.  For the last several days (since we got the crate) she has sat in front of it, getting it "ready."

And just to prove how incredibly comfy he is in his new home...

For his first night home, he did great!  We went upstairs to bed at 10:30 and took him and his crate with us.  He didn't make a peep and slept soundly till 5am!  Of course, Harlie's pulse ox alarm went off twice (I don't know how he slept through that beeping!) so I had to get up to see what was going on there.  She was fine, just had to reposition her.  Sometimes the way she's positioned affects her sats and lowers them.  Sometimes the pulse ox cord is kinked.  Anyway, all's good.

All in all, I think his first day home was a good one.  He has an appointment with the vet across the street tomorrow morning.  I called a few vet offices last week trying to figure out where I wanted to take him.  And I asked the vet across the street how they felt about Pugs.  The person told me that a veterinarian there owns SIX Pugs!  Wow!  I'm assuming he knows the breed pretty well.  So, we found our vet!  And it's across the street!  Bonus!

Anyway, I just have to share Tom's Facebook status from Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go get our pup:

"Today's the day.  Our little four legged friend comes home.  God help me."

And then after his bath, he uploaded the bath photo from above and said, "Alright.  He is cool."

That didn't take long.

So, I just have to get all mushy for a sec to say that my husband is an awesome guy.  Really.  Not just for all he does for me and his family on a day to day basis, but for agreeing to something he really, really did not want - just for me and my happiness.

Granted, I don't think it hurt to take my campaign public.  But regardless, he conceded and had fun announcing it in front of all our family and friends at my birthday party.  So, I think he's pretty awesome.

And after just a few minutes at home, I caught this:

Tom is smitten, too!
Oh, the Holton house is full of excitement with little Rooney running around.  We've had lots of visitors and he hasn't been without a playmate yet.  He's taken lots of naps in between visitors (thankfully for me!).  And yes, it's been very difficult to get anything done around here!  Even with Brandy's help during the weekend, I am finally able to get this post finished!  Whew!

I will try to work on our vacation post and pics soon.  It's been a really good few weeks lately.  It's hard to believe it's all true!  We really went to the beach and we really got a Pug!!!  Crazy!



Christamae said...

Dogs can make you so happy & feel loved. I love our dog Toby's cuddles. I hope Rooney brings you & your family much happiness.


allie said...

I have never been more overjoyed from a post. Happy Family.

B-Mama said...

Yes, this is well-deserved happiness! I'm loving every word!! And i LOVE seeing Harlie with that pup, like really love it. What great therapy for her right in her home!!!

I've been dying to swing by, but knew you all would be swamped. Can't wait to meet him...

Grandma said...

Oh what a happy post! You can hear the joy, feel the love and happiness. As a awner of 2 dogs and 2 cats and 1 fish....I know how much joy they can bring. Good luck and cannot wait to meet him. Have I told you how much i love his name!!! Welcome Rooney to the Bowser family join poppy, pookey, luna, sunny, quesa, shivers, pular, peppie and khloe...we are a dog loving family!!

Susan said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. It looks fun times ahead!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo said...

Such a cute dog. :) Glad you found a vet! I know what a challenge it can be from when we first had a dog alll those years ago (1993).

Waiting for them to get their first shots seems like forever as you just want to take them outside but you are always having to dodge around them to stop them leaving the house!! That is what it was like with the cat anyway before she reached 12 week. XD

Anonymous said...

Every family should have a dog and yours is the cutest. Good luck with Rooney. From the pictures you can see he has won everyone's heart. Have a very Blessed Easter. Love Ron and Sue, Pgh