Monday, January 16, 2012

First Daisy Meeting!

Tonight was Harlie's first Daisy troop meeting.  She's been sick since Thursday, and hasn't left the house since she went to see her doctor that day.  So, when we said we had somewhere to go, she was ready!

This picture isn't great - I had the flash off by accident - but it was the only one I took.  Oops.

Tonight she got her troop number and the center of the daisy patches put on her tunic.  Each meeting she will earn a petal to add to the center of the daisy.  So, it will be cuter in time.  Like this...

Lynda is the troop leader, and she did an excellent job!  She had the girls captivated and interested.  Well, except for Harlie... she's the one looking through the rolled up paper.  A lot of language loses her every time. Grrrr!

She started the meeting with the girls each saying their name, how old they are, where they go to school and their favorite flavor of ice cream.  When it was Harlie's turn, she used her device (with just a little bit of help from me) to answer all of those questions.  Well, she doesn't like ice cream.  But Lynda knows that she takes pureed peaches to school for lunch, so she said that if she liked ice cream it would probably be peach.

Lynda asked them to raise their hand if they have sold any Girl Scout cookies...

I wish I could say she heard the question and raised her hand on her own.
But, she didn't.  I had to tell her to raise her hand.
Hey - at least she listened to me.  That's something, right?
Yes, Girl Scout cookies are on sale!  So, go buy some from a cute little Daisy (or Brownie or Girl Scout) near you!  Since Daisy troops are the youngest of Girl Scouts (this is an all kindergarten troop) they start off from scratch - as a brand new troop.  So, we have NO money to use for activities and troop stuff.  And they make most of the troop's money from the cookie sales.  So, buying yummy Girl Scout cookies really makes a big difference.  Thank you to all of you who have bought cookies!!!

Their activity tonight was to decorate their own cookie.

Harlie decorating a cookie to give to her brothers (obviously).
And they also learned the Girl Scout promise, which earned them the center of the daisy patch.  We ironed them on right there so they could all go home with their patches already on the tunic.

The meeting was an hour long, and while I know Harlie had a good time, she was tired afterwards.  She's done nothing for days, so I guess that little bit of activity wiped her out.  I am planning on sending her to school tomorrow (as long as she does okay tonight, of course).  I hope she makes it through the whole day okay.  I'll have to tell you more about her being sick later.  No time now.  Hopefully I'll post again tomorrow.  I have a lot of catching up to do!



Kristen said...

This just makes me heart sing! She is so grown up!

Donna said...

Sign us up for some girl scout cookies!!!!

Susan said...

FUN! So glad she's getting to participate in this type of thing!