Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Photos-December 2011

I have SO much to tell you.  But, until I have that kind of time, I just want to show you our latest family photos.  You might have already noticed the new photos on my blog.  Well, here are the rest of them.

We went in early December.  It was cold outside.  Not unbearable.  But still cold.  And our lovely children were far from cooperative.  Well, Murphy was.  Actually, I'm mostly referring to Cooper.  As if you couldn't guess.

Paige Stevens took the photos.  She's been taking all of our photos since our practice wedding photos - back in the summer of 2002.  She's awesome.  Even when I feel like the photo session didn't go well at the time, I'm always thrilled with the photos later.  I don't know how she does it.  Anyway, here they are...

He is a sweet one.

Her unhappy face. I just love the say she's sitting.   So grown up!

I love this one.

We were all supposed to look mad.  Clearly not all of us were listening.

He won't be able to pick him up much longer...

I love this one, too.

So sweet.

When are her teeth going to come in?!?!


This one is a favorite of Murphy's.

When Cooper saw this photo he said, "Cooper's trapped". 

Yeah, he's cute.  Although the beard is now gone.

And this one, too.
 Love them all!  But getting family photos stresses me out.  I have to coordinate clothing, and schedules and times.  What works with naps, weather, sunlight, etc.  Harlie squints in any sun - really bad.  So, I was worried about that.  But, it was slightly overcast and we were in the shade of the buildings.  So, that ended up working okay.  If you look at the first few photos of her you can tell we were inside - she's not squinting at all.   In the end, it's worth all the work and money.  They won't stay this age forever.  And neither will we!!!  And Paige makes it work - even if you're not where you planned on being.  And she makes everyone comfortable.  Thank you so much, Paige!!!

More later!


Just Diane said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love them all.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

They are gorgeous! I love Harlie's unhappy face, her posture and the way she's sitting - when did she grow up! :) The rest of the pictures are just awesome. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Susan said...

BEAUTIFUL! I have NEVER had a professional photo session done. I must put it on the top of my to-do list! All your effort paid off. Love the outfits! Paige did an amazing job. I wish she wasn't so far. Happy January! Can't wait to hear what has been going on.